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Zuora SOAP API Version History


Zuora SOAP API Version History

This article documents the schema changes made to each version of Zuora SOAP WSDL, starting with the releases in the second half of 2015.

See the related release notes for detail information about the changes.

WSDL Version Release Date
(Zuora Version)
Object and Field Changed Permission Control? Description
124 Zuora Release 2022.07.R2 Subscription.IsLatestVersion added No Indicates whether the current subscription object is the latest version.
122 Zuora Release 2022.07.R2 Subscription.LastBookingDate No

An enhancement is made to the LastBookingDate field on the Subscription object. This field is now writable only when the subscription is newly created as a first version subscription. Previously, this was a read-only field.

  Zuora Release 2022.07.R2
  • RatePlan.InvoiceOwnerId added
  • RatePlan.SubscriptionOwnerId added
  • RatePlanCharge.InvoiceOwnerId added
  • RatePlanCharge.SubscriptionOwnerId added
  • RatePlanCharge.SubscriptionId added

See the detail information in RatePlan and RatePlanCharge.

116 Zuora Release 2022.05.R3 ProductRatePlan.Grade added Yes The grade that is assigned for the product rate plan. 
122 Zuora Release 2022.05.R2 Subscription.LastBookingDate added No The last change date of a subscription. The value of this field is as follows:
  • For a new subscription created by the Subscribe and Amend APIs, this field has the value of the subscription creation date.
  • For a subscription changed by an amendment, this field has the value of the amendment booking date.
  • For a subscription created or changed by an order, this field has the value of the order date.
121 Zuora Release 2022.04.R4 Yes

The value of either field is null if you have the Flexible Billing Attributes feature disabled.

  • SubscriptionBillToId: the bill-to contact ID of the subscription.
  • SubscriptionBillToSnapshotId: the snapshot ID of the subscription's bill-to contact. The snapshot ID will not change after the subscription version is created.
121 Zuora Release 2022.04.R4   Yes An error code enhancement is made to the create() call on the Payment object. A failed call that occurs when a null value is specified for the PaymentMethodId field returns the INVALID_VALUE error code. Previously, it was UNKNOWN_ERROR.
118 Zuora Release 2022.03.R5 Yes
  • BillToContactId: the ID of the bill-to contact associated with the invoice.
  • PaymentTerm: the name of the payment term associated with the invoice.
118 Zuora Release 2022.03.R3 No
  • SourceType: an enum field on the type of invoice source.
  • SourceItemType: an enum field on the type of source item.
117 Zuora Release 2022.03.R5 InvoiceItemAdjustment.ExcludeItemBillingFromRevenueAccounting added Yes A boolean field on the Invoice Item Adjustment object.
115 Zuora Release 2022.03.R5 Subscription.PaymentTerm added No The name of the payment term associated with the subscription.
115 Zuora Release 2022.01.R3 No
  • ExternallyManagedBy: an enum field on the Subscription object to indicate the name of a third-party store, possible values include AmazonAppleGoogle, or Roku.
  • ExternallyManagedPlanId: a text field on the Subscription Rate Plan object to indicate the unique identifier for the rate plan purchased on a third-party store.
114 Zuora Release 2021.12.R1(R314)
  • ProcessedUsage.AccountId
  • ProcessedUsage.BillingPeriodStartDate
  • ProcessedUsage.BillingPeriodEndDate
  • ProcessedUsage.CreatedById
  • ProcessedUsage.CreatedDate
  • ProcessedUsage.InvoiceItemId
  • ProcessedUsage.Quantity
  • ProcessedUsage.RatingAmount
  • ProcessedUsage.SubscriptionId
  • ProcessedUsage.RatePlanChargeId
  • ProcessedUsage.UpdatedById
  • ProcessedUsage.UpdatedDate
  • ProcessedUsage.UsageID
No See Query Processed Usage for information.
114 Zuora Release 2022.03.R3 Yes

Note: These fields are only available if you have the Prepaid with Drawdown feature enabled.

See Fields related to prepaid with drawdown feature for descriptions. 

See Upload usage record with unique key for descriptions.
110 November 2021 (R313)   Yes

To provide more effective error codes and messages, the following enhancements are made to the create() call on the PaymentMethod object:

  • During the creation of a Bank Transfer payment method, a failed call that occurs when an invalid value is specified for the IsCompany field now returns the INVALID_TYPE error code and the corresponding error message. Previously, it was UNKNOWN_ERROR.
  • A failed call that occurs when multiple payment method objects are specified in a single request now returns a self-explanatory error message.
110 October 2021 (R311)   No For better clarity, a failed subscribe() call to Avalara now returns ‘TRANSACTION_FAILED’ error response. Previously it was ‘UNKNOWN_ERROR’.
107 January 2021 (R290) Subscription.Revision added No An auto-generated decimal value uniquely tagged with a subscription. The value always contains one decimal place, for example, the revision of a new subscription is 1.0. If a further version of the subscription is created, the Revision value will be increased by 1. Also, the Revision value is always incremental regardless of the deletion of subscription versions.

The applied or unapplied amount of the payment. 

Note: These fields are only available if you have the Invoice Settlement feature enabled.

103 July 2020 (R280) Export.Encoding added No Specifies whether to include a byte order mark (BOM) at the beginning of exported CSV data.

March 2020 (R270)

BillRun.Batch renamed to BillRun.Batches No The specific batches of customer accounts to be included in the bill run.
101 September 2019 (R256) BillRun.NumberOfCreditMemos added No The number of credit memos generated by the bill run.
101 August 2019 (R255) BillRun.PostedDate added No The date when the bill run was posted.
100 August 2019 (R253) No Query the status of tax calculation for invoices, and message about the status of tax calculation.
96 April 2019 (R243) Account.SequenceSetId added No The ID of a billing document sequence set to assign to a customer account.
94 March 2019 (R242)

PaymentMethod.MitNetworkTransactionId added

No Specifies the ID of a network transaction.
94 March 2019 (R241) No Create a stored credential profile.
91 May 2018 (R224) TaxableItemSnapshot.TaxExemptEntityUseCode added Yes A unique entity use code to apply exemptions in Avalara AvaTax.
89 Feb. 2018 (R221) Invoice.AutoPay added No Whether invoices are automatically picked up for processing in the corresponding payment run. 
88 Sep. 2017 (R216.2) No Specify or query the city, state, country, and postal code information for ACH payment methods.
85 April 2017


Query contact snapshot.

Query apply details info of the discount product rate plan charge.

    No Query apply details info of the discount rate plan charge.
    No The date the Payment Method Snapshot was updated.
This new field cannot be modified or deleted.
    No Specify or query the discount class of discount charge.

Specify or query the discount charge apply details info.


Query apply details info from the discount rate plan charge.

  • Invoice.BillToContactSnapshotId added
  • Invoice.SoldToContactSnapshotId added

When posting an invoice, these fields will be populated with the latest contact snapshot ID.


Feb. 2017

Yes You can query the balances of invoice and taxation item before applying payment or credit memo to them.
82 Dec. 2016


You can manually create/query/delete taxable item snapshot.
81 Oct. 2016


An optional field for the create, update, and query operation of AccountingPeriod.


Support auto-renewal for BillingPreviewRun and BillingPreviewRequest.

80 Sep. 2016


For Discount item, this field describes which InvoiceItem the discount is applied to.

79 Aug. 2016
No The Permission control was removed for these fields as the Weekly Billing features are in GA.


78 July 2016

Specify one or more currencies you want to use in ISO currency codes.


The fields are now generally available and no longer permission controlled.


June 2016


Currency of the payment.

76 April 2016
  • Amendment.SuspendDate added
  • Amendment.ResumeDate added
  • Amendment.Type updated with additional new values:

    • SuspendSubscription

    • ResumeSubscription

  • Subscription.Status with a new value:

    • Suspended


Create a suspend or resume subscription amendment through SOAP calls.



The delete call is supported for the following objects: 

Yes Delete an accounting period or a chart of account using SOAP API.
75 Feb. 2016 

Tenant-specific custom fields on the following objects included in WSDL:


Jan. 2016


Supports getting and setting a Rating Group in SOAP calls


Supports getting and setting a weekly Billing Cycle Day in SOAP calls


You can override PriceIncreasePercentag and PriceChangeOption in subscription


The field type changed from long to decimal.

Starting in WSDL v.74, you can split invoices based on a decimal percentage.


The new values, Week and Specific Weeks, are supported.

You can set billing period to weekly or specific weeks through SOAP calls.


The new value, Week, is supported.

You can set the list price base to weekly or specific weeks through SOAP calls.

    No The field type changed from string to zns:ID

Dec. 2015


Subscription Term and Renewal Term can be specified in days, weeks, months, or years.

72 Nov. 2015

Specifies the charge end condition when creating or updating Product Rate Plan Charges and Rate Plan Charges.


Specifies whether to include draft invoice items in preview results.

71 Oct. 2015

The date when the future-dated UpdateProduct amendment takes effect.

70 Sep. 2015

Specifies whether to bill in advance or in arrears for recurring charge types.


Used when calculating taxes based on origin and sold-to addresses in Avalara.

69 Aug. 2015

ACH address fields required for Vantiv Payment Gateway


The tenant-level permission, BankTransfer, is removed.


July 2015


Field type changed from DateTime to Date

68 June 2015

Supports the charge level metrics