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Zuora Billing Release 277, May 2020


Zuora Billing Release 277, May 2020

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Billing Release 277 (R277), May 2020

For more information about the release notes of other Zuora products, see Zuora Release Notes.

Release schedule

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See API Changelog for a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference.

Orders and Subscriptions

Resolved: Orders UI changes for performance improvements

The migration to full Orders is in Limited Availability. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing as generally available.

Previously, the page load speed for the Orders and Order details pages was degraded when orders with a large number of order actions were present. This issue has now been resolved. We have made the following changes in the Orders UI:

  • The PRODUCTS column has now been removed from the Orders page to enable page loading for orders of large scales.
  • The Order actions tab on the Order details page has been changed for the scenario in which an order is associated with more than 50 order actions across all the subscriptions in the order. The Order actions tab now displays only the order action line with the corresponding custom fields. The subscription line cascaded in the order action line has been removed to enable page loading for orders of large scales. This UI change does not apply to the scenario in which an order is with 50 or fewer order actions.

Invoicing and Invoice Settlement

Payment search enhancement

Zuora has enhanced the payment search criteria through the UI. In the Search area on the All Payments page, you can now search for specific payments based on the following fields:

  • Payment Number
  • Custom Field


New soft descriptor fields supported by First Data Payeezy gateway integration

Zuora now supports soft descriptors of the First Data Payeezy gateway. You can use the following fields in the API calls for all payment methods and payment operations supported by the First Data Payeezy integration:

  • SoftDescriptor: Use this field to pass the DBAName soft descriptor of Payeezy to indicate the name of a business. The character limit is 21 characters.
  • SoftDescriptorPhone: Use this field to pass the City soft descriptor of Payeezy. The character limit is 10 characters.

Alternatively, you can configure the corresponding static soft descriptor fields in the Zuora UI. The following fields are now available on the First Data Payeezy gateway configuration page:

  • Static Soft Descriptor
  • Static Soft Descriptor Phone

See First Data Payeezy gateway for more information about these fields in Zuora. To learn how and when to use these soft descriptors, see Payeezy’s Dynamic Soft Descriptors.


Custom Objects is now generally available 

Zuora Custom Objects provides a uniform custom data service for you to manage custom objects in Zuora. These custom data are stored on Zuora's platform and can be used to extend the data model to accommodate your specific use cases. See Custom Objects for more information.

See Custom Object Definitions and Custom Object Records for the API reference.

Audit Trail is now generally available 

Zuora Audit Trail helps you increase transparency in your corporate financial reporting and maintain internal controls over your company’s accounting and financials. Zuora Audit Trail currently supports the following capabilities:

  • Track, log and report on a user’s login history
  • Track, log and report on setting changes of Billing, Payment, Commerce, and Finance.
  • Track, log and report on activities in user management settings.

See Audit Trail for more information.


Current WSDL version: 102

See Zuora WSDL for information on how to check your version and download the latest version.

SOAP API change history

See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.