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Zuora 360 Q1 2016 Release Notes


Zuora 360 Q1 2016 Release Notes

This release notes provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora 360 Version 3.0 (Release Q1 2016).

This release is part of the Zuora for Salesforce Q1 2016 Release that includes:

To use this version of Zuora 360, upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora 360 to Q1 2016.

New Features and Enhancements

The New Zuora Tenant Setting Controls Product Catalog Sync Between Zuora and Salesforce 

The Enable Bundling tenant setting in Zuora controls the direction of the Product Catalog Sync operations.

  • If the setting is enabled, you can sync your Product Catalog only from Salesforce to Zuora. You are not allowed to sync Product Catalog from Zuora to Salesforce. 
  • If the setting is disabled, you can sync your Product Catalog only from Zuora to Salesforce. You are not allowed to sync Product Catalog from Salesforce to Zuora.

Synchronize Subscription Rate Plan Charge Tiers from Zuora to Salesforce 

To support the Bundling and Rules Engine features, a new custom object, Subscription Rate Plan Charge Tier, was created in Zuora 360. And in all types of 360 Syncs, the RatePlanChargeTier is synchronized to Zuora 360 Subscription Rate Plan Charge Tier.

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Additional Fields Synchronized to Subscription and Product Catalog

To support new Zuora CPQ features, such as bundling, the rules engine, and the subscription lifecycle, additional fields are now synchronized from Z-Billing to Salesforce.

See Zuora 360 Sync Object Mapping for the list of Zuora objects and fields synchronized to Salesforce.

The Subscription Product and Charge Object Restructured

Previously, the Subscription Rate Plans and Rate Plan Charges objects from Zuora were synced to the Subscription Products & Charges object in Salesforce which was a collapsed counterpart of the Subscription Rate Plans and Rate Plan Charges objects.

To better align the Zuora CPQ data model with the Zuora data model, the Subscription Product & Charge object was split into the two objects, Subscription Rate Plan and Subscription Product & Charge. The 360 Sync does one-to-one mapping of these objects from Zuora to Salesforce.

See Sync Field Mapping of Subscription and Related Objects for the updated mapping of subscription and related objects from Zuora to Salesforce.

Synchronize Subscription Cancellation Date to Salesforce

To enable reporting on subscription cancellations in Salesforce, the subscription cancellation date is now synchronized from Zuora to Salesforce into the Zuora_Subscription__c.Zuora__CancellationDate__c field.

Synchronize Zuora Product Catalog to Salesforce Native Product Catalog

Zuora 360 Product Catalog Sync synchronizes Zuora products to Salesforce Product using the Product2 object. Your Zuora Quotes must be on Version 7.0 or a later version to support this feature. 

For the previous versions of Zuora 360 Product Catalog Sync, the Zuora products will continue to be synced to the ZProduct object.

See Sync Field Mapping of Product Catalog Related Objects for the field-level mapping between Zuora and Salesforce product catalog objects.

Resolved Issues

A Big Number of Records Synced after the Upgrade to Zuora 360 2.110.1

After upgrading to Zuora 360 2.110.1, an issue in the post-install upgrade script caused scheduled sync operations process millions of records in batches and caused the sync job to reach the Salesforce Bulk API batch limit.

Maintenance Release 3.1

The 3.1 release includes the following enhancement and change.

Length of IBAN in Payment Method in Salesforce Increased to Match the Corresponding Field in Zuora

We updated the length of the IBAN field (Zuora__IBAN__c) on the Payment Method object (Zuora__PaymentMethod__c) in Zuora 360. Now the field length matches the length of the corresponding IBAN field on the Payment Method object in Zuora, and the IBAN value is no longer truncated in Salesforce.

The length of both fields in Zuora 360 and Zuora is 42 characters long.

Invoice PDF Files Generated in the Correct Naming Format

When user downloads an invoice PDF without logging in with Zuora credentials, the name of the downloaded file was changed to download.pdf.

The naming format was corrected to generate invoice PDF files with unique file names. Now when you click the Invoice PDF link, invoice PDF is immediately downloaded with the name in the format:

{Invoice Number}_{Account Number}_{Invoice Date}.pdf