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Zuora Quotes Q1 2016 Release Notes


Zuora Quotes Q1 2016 Release Notes

This release notes provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora Quotes Q1 2016 Release (Version 7.0) and its maintenance and patch releases.

To use this version of Zuora Quotes, you must upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q1 2016.

Release 7.0

New Features to Support Bundling and Rules

The Bundling and Rules Engine are available as part of the Zuora Quotes 7.0. Integrated with Billing, Payments, and Finance in Zuora, Bundling and Rules Engine offer the quote-to-cash solution best suited for subscription management.

See Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q1 2016 for the sequence of steps required to enable the Bundling and Rules Engine and to use the features in Zuora Quotes.

Advanced Product Packaging with Bundle Support

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Now Zuora Quotes product catalog supports bundles for quoting. In the product catalog, you can configure bundling and base/add-on product relationships for the enhanced quoting process.

See Configure Products and Bundles in Salesforce for managing products in Salesforce.

Product Catalog Sync from Zuora Quotes

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

When you manage products in Salesforce product catalog, you sync your products, rate plans, charges, tiers, and features to Zuora for billing, invoicing, payments, revenue recognition.

See Sync Salesforce Products to Zuora for syncing products from Zuora Quotes to Zuora.

The New Zuora Tenant Setting Controls Product Catalog Sync Between Zuora and Salesforce  

The Enable Bundling tenant setting in Zuora controls the direction of the Product Catalog Sync operations.

  • If the setting is enabled, you can sync your Product Catalog only from Salesforce to Zuora. You are not allowed to sync Product Catalog from Zuora to Salesforce. 
  • If the setting is disabled, you can sync your Product Catalog only from Zuora to Salesforce. You are not allowed to sync Product Catalog from Salesforce to Zuora.

Configurable Zuora Rules Engine

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Real-time rules engine integrated in the quoting flow is now available in a separate extension package. You can create custom rules for automation or validation of product selection and pricing.

Zuora Rules Engine provides you a controlled product selection and accurate quoting experience. You can manage and offer your users dynamic pricing, automatic addition and removal of rate plans, and error checking.

Zuora Rules Engine is only available with the Lightning Guided Product Selector.

See Zuora Rules Engine for setting up the Rules Engine, and creating and using rules in Zuora Quotes.

General New Features and Enhancements

The new features described in this section are generally available in this release of Zuora Quotes.

Salesforce Product Catalog Support

Now you can manage quotes with the native Salesforce product catalog. You create and manage products, bundles, options, rate plans, charges, and charge tiers in Salesforce and have them available in the quoting process.

The Zuora Quotes product catalog in Salesforce supports the same subscription pricing models as Zuora.

See Select Products in Guided Product Selector for managing products in Salesforce.

New Version of Guided Product Selector

A new version of Product Selector is available to guide your users through the quoting process. Your users can manage pricing and discounting for complex packages that you create in the Salesforce product catalog. Bundling and base/add-on product relationships are supported in the Lightning Guided Product Selector.

See Select Products in Guided Product Selector for using the new Product Selector.

See Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q1 2016 for the steps to enable the Lightning Guided Product Selector.

JavaScript Plugin for Product Selector

In Zuora Quotes, you can implement a custom JavaScript plugin to programmatically set the values of the fields on the charge rows in the Lightning Guided Product Selector, including one pricing field per call. The JavaScript plugin provides the real-time, client side control of pricing fields. Unlike the previous component plugins, you do not need to click the Calculate button in the Product Selector to apply and view price changes.

The JavaScript plugin is only available in the new Lightning Guided Product Selector.

See Product Selector JavaScript Plugin for adding a custom JavaScript Product Selector plugin.

New Global Methods

The following global methods were added to support bundling in Zuora Quotes. See Quote Class for the detail information about the new global methods.

Return Type Method Name Description
Quote Quote.newInstance() 

Gets a new instance of the Quote object with defaulted values from Zuora Config.

Quote Quote.getInstance(Id quoteId)  Gets an instance of the existing Quote object.
zqu__Quote__c Quote.getSObject() Get the zqu__Quote__c SObject.
Id Quote.getId() Get the Id of the zqu__Quote__c SObject.
List <QuoteProduct>  Quote.getAddedQuoteProducts( ) Get the quote products that have been added to this quote since the last save call.
List <QuoteProduct> 
Quote.getUpdatedQuoteProducts( ) Get the quote products that have been updated since the last save call.
List <QuoteProduct> 
Quote.getDeletedQuoteProducts( ) Get the quote products that have been removed from this quote since the last save call.
List <QuoteProduct> 
Quote.getOriginalQuoteProducts( ) Get all other quote products that have not been changed since the last save call.
List <QuoteProduct>  Quote.getQuoteProducts( ) Loads a list of existing quote products that have already been saved to the database for this quote. 
List <QuoteProduct>  Quote.addProducts(List <Product> products) Adds products as QuoteProducts. This method doesn't commit to database.
List <QuoteProduct > Quote.updateProducts
(List <QuoteProduct> products)
Marks a list of Quote products for update.
List <QuoteProduct > Quote.deleteProducts
(List <QuoteProduct> products)
Marks a list of Quote products for delete.
List <QuoteProduct >

Checks for changes to the QuoteProducts and commits the changes to database.

Resolved Issues

Unable to Create Quotes for Billing Account Name with More Than 50 Characters

The maximum number of characters for the Name field on the Billing Account object was 80 characters, but the maximum number of characters for the Invoice Owner Name field on the Quote object was 50 characters. Due to this inconsistency, you were not able to create quotes for Billing Accounts whose Name field contained more than 50 characters.

Patch Release 7.0.1

The 7.0.1 release includes the following resolved issue.

Automatic Migration from 6.4x or Earlier Version

In Version 6.51, we provided a migration script to upgrade previously saved New Subscription quotes data to the new quote object model. The script migrates previously created New Subscription quotes, both in-flight and sent to Z-Billing, from the Quote Charge object to the Quote Rate Plan Charge object.

In Version 7.0.1, the post installation script automatically runs this migration script when you upgrade from 6.50 or earlier versions.

See Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q1 2016 for detail information about upgrading Zuora Quotes to the latest version.

Patch Release 7.0.2

The 7.0.2 release includes the following resolved issues.

Special Characters Cause an Error in Lightning Guided Product Selector

When a quote field contains a special character, e.g. a single quote ('), you receive an error in the Lightning Guided Product Selector and the product charges are not loaded in the Lightning Guided Product Selector.

Filters Defined with Both AND and OR Joins Cause an Error When Used in Guided Product Selectors

A filter used in Guided Product Selector steps can cause an error if the filter contains both AND and OR joins.

Maintenance Release 7.1

The 7.1 release includes the following enhancements and resolved issues.

Zuora Rules Engine Integrated into Zuora Quotes

Zuora Rules Engine is now part of the Zuora Quotes package, offering you a simplified process to enable rules in your org. You no longer need to perform a separate install to use Zuora Rules Engine in Zuora Quotes.

This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

See Enable Rules Engine for configuring Zuora Rules Engine in your Salesforce org.

Tenant Settings Updated to Enable Bundling and Zuora Rules Engine

The tenant setting that controlled both bundling and Zuora Rules Engine was split into two separate settings both in Zuora and in Zuora Quotes:

  • The setting that controls Product Catalog sync from Salesforce to Zuora was renamed to Enable Bundling (incl. Product Catalog Sync from Salesforce to Zuora).
  • The Enable Rules Engine setting was created to control Zuora Rules Engine.

Submit a ticket at Zuora Global Support to enable the above settings in Zuora tenant. Once the settings are enabled in your tenant, the corresponding settings will be automatically enabled in your Zuora Quotes within 24 hours.

See Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings for information about the settings.

Ability to Determine Whether a Rate Plan Charge is Added, Removed, Updated, or Original on a Quote

In Zuora Rules, you can create Filter Conditions to query the Amendment Type field (zqu__AmendmentType__c) on Quote Rate Plan (zqu__QuoteRatePlan__c) to determine whether a charge is new, removed, updated, or original.

Existing Plugins Supported in Lightning Guided Product Selector

The following plugins were tested and refactored to work in the Enhanced Guided Selling:

  • SelectProductComponentOptions.IGuidedSellingFlowPlugin
  • SelectProductComponentOptions.IAddRemoveRatePlanPlugin
  • SelectProductComponentOptions.ISaveRatePlanPlugin

Quotes in Any Status Sent to Z-Billing

A new field was added to the Quote object to allow the use of standard Salesforce Approvals. Used in conjunction with the new Approved Quote Status custom setting in Quote Configuration Settings, the field allows you to specify the particular status that should represent an “Approved” quote. The quotes in that status will be sent to Zuora via the Send to Z-Billing functionality.  

You can add or remove the available status values by editing the picklist on the new Approval Status (zqu__ApprovalStatus__c) field on the Quote object to define your own approval statuses.

This field is backward compatible, and if you do not want to use the field, it does not affect existing quotes.

Note that you need to define your own status transitions for how a quote moves through the approval lifecycle.

The default values are:

  • Ready for Approval
  • In Progress
  • Approved
  • Rejected

Quote Preview Not Populated the Previewed MRR and Previewed TCV for Migrated Quotes

Quote Preview was updated to correctly populate the previewed MRR (zqu__previewedMRR__c) and Previewed TCV (zqu__previewedTCV__c) fields on the Quote Rate Plan Charge and the Quote Charge Summary objects.

Patch Release 7.1.1

The 7.1.1 release includes the following resolved issue.

Quote PDFs Contain Incorrect Quote Metrics Values

The Quote Metrics in Quote Charge Summaries and Quote Rate Plan Charges for Update/Add Product amendments were not updated and resulted in incorrect quote metrics values appearing in Quote PDF documents.

Patch Release 7.1.2

The 7.1.2 release includes the following resolved issue.

The Available Subscription Table Not Sorted Correctly When Creating Amendment Quotes 

When you create Amendment quotes, the table of available subscriptions is now correctly sorted by the subscription name.

Patch Release 7.1.3

The 7.1.3 release includes the following resolved issue.

Unable to Update the Billing Period on Quote Charges

When the Billing Period on a charge was updated through a Rule, and the user saved the charges, the modified billing period was not saved.