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Zuora 360 Q2 2015 Release Notes


Zuora 360 Q2 2015 Release Notes

This release notes provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora 360 Release 2.110 (Q2 2015) and its maintenance and patch releases.

This release is part of the Zuora for Salesforce Q2 2015 release that includes:

To use this release, upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora 360 to Q2 2015.

New Features and Enhancements

Time Zone Support in Zuora 360 Order Builder

Starting in the July 2015 release, Zuora application fully supports time zones. Enhancements were made in how datetime and time zone types of data were handled, including local time zone support. See July 2015 What's New to learn more about the enhancements.

Local time zone support in Zuora is in Limited Availability. We are currently not accepting early access to this feature. 

To take an advantage of the enhancements:

Review Date Field Changes in the SOAP API for the list of affected Date type fields in Zuora and update your Order Builder customizations accordingly.

The following table summarizes the compatibility among versions of Zuora 360 and of Zuora tenant time zone setting. It specifies the supported versions of Zuora WSDL that you can use in the Zuora Connection Setting for each given Zuora and Zuora 360 combination. Review it carefully before you proceed with upgrade.

  Tenant Time Zone OFF 
Time Zone Set to PST
Tenant Time Zone ON
Time Zone Set to non-PST 

Zuora 360

Q1 2015 (2.100)
or earlier

API Connection Setting: Use WSDL 68 or earlier

WSDL Schema: Use WSDL 68 or earlier

Not supported; 

Must upgrade Zuora 360 to version 2.110

Zuora 360

Q2 2015 (2.110)

API Connection Setting: Use WSDL 69

WSDL Schema: Use WSDL 69

API Connection Setting: Must use WSDL 69

WSDL Schema: Must use WSDL 69

zUtil Global Methods Changes

The following are the zUtil global methods updated/added to support the changes for time zones in Zuora:

  • Zuora.zUtil.getZuoraDate: The getZuoraDate method now returns a string that includes the Salesforce user's time zone offset.
  • Zuora.zUtil.getZuoraDateOnly: The new getZuoraDateOnly method returns a date only string for the Date type fields in version 69 of Zuora WSDL.

Patch Release, Version 2.110.1

The following issue was resolved in this release.

Time Zone Offset Not Formatted as Zuora SOAP API Expected

To support time zones introduced in the 190 release of Zuora, Zuora 360 added a support for explicit time zone offsets to the dateTime type fields in callouts. However, the time zone offset format, e.g. "+00", was not compatible with the time zone offset format that Zuora SOAP API expected, e.g. "+00.00"

The global method zUtil.getZuoraDate was also updated to use the same time zone offset format that Zuora SOAP API expects.

Maintenance Release, Version 2.111

The 2.111 release includes the following enhancement and change.

End of Support for Early Versions of Zuora 360

Starting in December 2015, we will no longer support the Zuora 360 v. 2.4.x or earlier versions.

Refer to Zuora for Salesforce End of Support Policy for detail.

Synchronize Charge End Date of Product Charges and Subscription Rate Plan Charges

Starting in the November 2015 release, you can specify Charge End Dates in Zuora ​for new Subscriptions and New Product Amendments. Now the same functionality is available in Zuora CPQ. The Charge End Dates of Product Rate Plan Charges and Rate Plan Charges in Zuora are synchronized to the corresponding objects in Zuora CPQ. The following fields were added to the custom fields in Zuora CPQ to support the feature:

  • Product Rate Plan Charge.Up To How Many Periods
  • Product Rate Plan Charge.Up To Periods Type
  • Product Rate Plan Charge.End Date Condition
  • Subscription Product & Charge.Up To How Many Periods
  • Subscription Product & Charge.Up To Periods Type
  • Subscription Product & Charge.End Date Condition
  • Subscription Product & Charge.Specific End Date

See Sync Field Reference for the mapping of the RatePlanCharge and ProductRatePlanCharge object fields in Zuora to the corresponding fields in Zuora 360.

Configurable HTTP Callout Timeout Settings

In the Zuora 360 Connection Setup tab, new parameters were added to support flexible and configurable timeout settings for HTTP callouts to Zuora. Now you can configure timeout values based on the type of callouts. The default is 120 seconds, and the values must be 120 seconds or less.

  • Default timeout 
  • Subscribe timeout
  • Amend timeout
  • Query timeout

See Configure Order Builder Connection Settings for configuring connection setting for Order Builder.