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Zuora Quotes Upgrade Policy


Zuora Quotes Upgrade Policy

All automatic push upgrades have been postponed indefinitely since July 2022. When we resume our push upgrade process, we will notify all CPQ customers to ensure that everyone is informed and prepared for the upgrades.

Starting from the release of 9.0, Zuora Quotes has started an auto-push upgrade approach as a best practice to keep your org updated with the latest features, functionality, and bug fixes. The latest Quotes version for a minor or a patch release will be pushed to your org automatically, while a major release will not be pushed. Note that minor and patch releases are only pushed to customers on the last latest relevant version including minor and patch releases. For example, only if you are on Version 9.2.1, will Version 9.3 be pushed to your org.

You still need to request the Zuora Quotes package installation link from Zuora Global Support for upgrading to a major version or if a minor or patch release is not pushed.

Note that Zuora ensures no minor or patch release is pushed without being backward-compatible and will not break your customizations. Zuora reserves the right to not push a minor or patch release if it is deemed to be backward incompatible.

For your reference, Zuora Quotes releases new package versions in the following versioning manner:


  • A major version for incompatible API changes
  • A minor version for new functionality in a backward-compatible manner
  • A patch version for backward-compatible bug fixes