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Create subscription cancellation quote using Quote Studio


Create subscription cancellation quote using Quote Studio

There are several advanced features on the Quote Studio page to optimize the user experience. You can create a subscription cancellation quote from the CPQ X - Billing Account Selection Page.


  • Ensure that the subscription you want to cancel is active and thus available to select in the Subscription Table.
  • The New Quote (New) button has been added to the Opportunity Detail or Account Detail page. See Configure Opportunity, Account, and Quote page layouts for more information.
  • Ensure that you are on a Zuora Quotes version 10.5 or above.


Take the following steps to create a cancellation quote:

  1. In your Salesforce org, navigate to the Account Detail page of an account or the Opportunity Detail page of an opportunity.
  2. Click the New Quote (New) button. 
  3. In Step 2: Select a Subscription: the Amend icon_amend, Renew icon_renew , and Cancel icons are displayed.
  4. Click the Cancel icon. The New Quote - Cancel Subscription page opens. You will find panels for cancellation details and viewing subscription details on this page.
  5. Select the required option from the Cancellation Effective Date dropdown under cancellation details. The Cancellation Date is automatically generated based on the selection made in the Cancellation Effective Date dropdown. The following table illustrates how it is generated:

Cancellation Effective Date 

Cancellation Date

Enter a Date

By default, the field will display today's date and allow you to click and pick the date from the date picker.

Note: The date picker does not allow you to pick a date past the end of your subscription term.

Setting the Cancellation Effective Date within a Closed Accounting Period is not feasible. Doing so may trigger an error message indicating that "Invoices cannot be generated in a closed Accounting Period. Please choose an alternative invoice date."

To resolve this issue, you can correct the error by adding the "Calculate Quote Metrics Through" field in the Quote Information fieldset in the Quote Studio UI. Set this field to "Specific Number of Periods" and define the appropriate number of periods under Zuora Config > Quote Studio Settings > Default Settings to ensure that the preview date falls outside the scope of a Closed Accounting Period.

End of Current Term

The field becomes ReadOnly and updated with the end date of the current term.

Cancellation Date = Subscription Term Start Date + Initial Term

End of Last Invoice Date

The field becomes ReadOnly and updated with the latest date of the last invoice.

Cancellation Date = Latest ChargedThroughDate from the rate plan charge list.
  1. Click Submit at the top right of the Quote Studio page. This action creates the cancellation quote. The following screenshot shows how the cancellation quote looks: