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The overall goal of CPQ X is to optimize the efficiency of the quoting work stream within your sales process while eliminating quoting errors that might cause remediation overhead on the Zuora Billing side.

To achieve this goal, CPQ X provides a new single-page application named Quote Studio, built on Salesforce Lightning web components, that enhances the entire subscription sales experience. This modern UI seamlessly integrates with our existing Zuora Quotes package, which allows you to retain any plugins, custom pages, or flows while taking advantage of a greatly improved experience to make adjustments to quote details, subscription terms and conditions, and product updates. In addition to the single-page quoting experience, sales representatives can now access the live preview order metrics functionality that dynamically updates metrics upon any change made to in-flight quotes. 

After you have installed the Zuora Quotes version 10 package, enabled CPQ X, and completed the necessary configuration, you can access Quote Studio in a number of ways. The articles in this section are focused on the operations in the UI. However, CPQ X API offers more ways to enhance your organization’s quoting experience with even better performance and scalability. If you want to use CPQ X API, see CPQ X API for details.

You can also localize the UI labels and messages in Quote Studio to non-English languages. See Localize and customize labels and messages for detailed instructions.

Zuora strongly recommends upgrading your Zuora Quotes package to the latest version at least once per quarter. This practice ensures that you stay current, up to date, and mitigates the risk of any potential Salesforce platform changes that could lead to incompatibility with older versions of the Zuora Quotes package.

Key capabilities

The following table lists the key capabilities of CPQ X compared with Zuora Quotes without CPQ X enabled.

  Zuora Quotes without CPQ X Zuora CPQ X
Overall quoting experience Several pages are required in the out-of-the-box quote flow. It enables customers to add, remove, or swap their own pages, or extend existing components with plugins. The Quote Studio page can be dynamically and flexibly combined with guided selling flows using Quote Wizard to best fit your needs.
Quote metrics preview Quote metrics can be viewed only when the quote has been created. Support both live and on-demand preview of in-flight quote metrics.
Ramp deal creation Creating complex ramp deals requires a substantial amount of time and experience to configure appropriately in the multi-page quote flow. Mid-Interval updates also cause usability challenges.  Complex ramp deal creation is concise, intuitive, and flexible. You can easily make changes at any point along the timeline of the subscription, whether aligned to interval starts or not.
Future dated actions Similar to ramp deals, creating updates at a future date (not within a ramp structure) can cause usability challenges in the legacy UI.  By using intuitive action icons and modals, creating updates at a future date in a subscription (future-dated actions) becomes easy.
Products and rate plans searching or filtering Can be achieved through in-page search text matching.  Can be achieved either through search text matching or through the administrator-configured product filters and quick filters.

Get started with CPQ X

Refer to the following documentation to learn how to install, configure, and use CPQ X through UI

  1. Prerequisites for Using CPQ X - Learn about the essential prerequisites before implementing CPQ X.
  2. Set up CPQ X - A step-by-step guide to configuring CPQ X for your organization.
  3. Create Subscription in CPQ X - Understand how to create and manage subscriptions using CPQ X.
  4. Advanced CPQ X Functionalities - Explore advanced features and functionalities of CPQ X for more complex configurations.
  5. Document Generation with S-Docs - Discover how to generate documents efficiently using S-Docs within CPQ X.
  6. Send a Quote to Zuora - Learn how to send quotes seamlessly to Zuora for billing and subscription management.
  7. CPQ X Rules Engine - Dive into the CPQ X Rules Engine to automate and customize your pricing and quoting processes.
  8. Quote Detail Page for Lightning Experience - Explore the Quote Detail Page within Lightning Experience for a user-friendly interface.
  9. Quote Studio Settings and Configurations - Configure and customize the settings of Quote Studio in CPQ X for tailored quoting experiences.
  10. CPQ X Performance and Scalability Guide - Get insights into optimizing the performance and scalability of CPQ X for your business needs.