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Explore the Possibilities with S-Docs


Explore the Possibilities with S-Docs

S-Docs opens up a world of possibilities beyond basic document generation. With its extensive features and capabilities, S-Docs empowers you to elevate your document generation and management to new heights. Here's an overview of the exciting possibilities you can explore with S-Docs:

  1. Filter, sort, and group the layout of your related lists to enhance how your related list items are rendered.
  2. Configure S-Docs with Custom Objects to generate documents and reports based on the data stored in those custom objects. By integrating S-Docs with custom objects, you can leverage the power of S-Docs' document generation capabilities to create customized documents.
  3. Configure Headers and Footers to customize the layout and appearance of the generated documents.
  4. Add Page Numbers to DOC Templates to navigate through the document efficiently.
  5. S-Docs Conditional Logic allows you to create dynamic and personalized document templates based on specific conditions or criteria. With S-Docs Conditional Logic, you can tailor the content and formatting of your documents based on the data and variables in your Salesforce records.
  6. Insert Conditional Logic Button to leverage conditional logic within your templates easily. You can insert conditional statements with the click of a button in the WYSIWYG template editor without any HTML code. You can effortlessly incorporate conditional statements into your design using the WYSIWYG template editor, eliminating the need for manual HTML coding.

S-Docs limitations

While S-Docs is a powerful document generation solution, it's important to be aware of its limitations. Understanding these limitations helps manage expectations and ensure efficient utilization of the platform.

For more information about S-Docs Limitations, see S-Docs Limitations.