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Configure Quote Studio admin settings - MSQ


Configure Quote Studio admin settings - MSQ

Admion Config UI for MSQ 

The Admin Config settings for MSQ are located on the right-hand side under the title Multi-Subscription Quoting, while the Standard Quoting settings are on the left side. You can configure settings for both MSQ and Standard Quoting simultaneously. 



Take the following steps to configure the advanced settings for MSQ:

  1. Navigate to Zuora Config > Quote Studio Settings.
  2. In the left pane, select Admin Config. All admin settings are then loaded into the main region.
  3. Configure admin settings based on your business needs. See the admin settings description section below for more information about these default settings.
  4. Click Save at the top right in the main region to save the configuration.

The configuration on this page should be completed by system administrators.

Admin setting Description
Rules Engine for Quote Studio

Rules defined through the rules engine are not inherently supported in CPQ X for scenarios where multiple segments exist in a charge. Such scenarios include ramp deals and future dated actions.

By default, if the rules engine is enabled for Zuora Quotes, rules can work in Zuora Quotes but cannot be used in CPQ X. To allow the rules to be used on the Quote Studio page, you must enable the Rules Engine for Quote Studio setting.

Disable "Information Modal" Pop-Up when Rules Trigger
When this setting is enabled, the notification modal doesn't show up by itself. Instead, it needs to be opened manually by clicking the notification icon. On the other hand, if the setting is disabled, the rules engine validation notification modal appears automatically.
Enable Ramp Deal Creation in Quote Studio

Configure this setting to enable or disable ramps in quotes. 

With this setting disabled, no ramp settings are displayed in Quote Studio, thus users cannot create new quotes with ramps. If users attempt to amend or renew quotes that contain existing ramps, they cannot complete in-flight quotes, but can see previous ramp actions with no intervals displayed. 

Enable Flexible Billing in Quote Studio

With this setting enabled, you can specify billing attributes including bill-to-contacts and payment terms at the subscription level.

Note that the system will allow you to enable this setting only if the Flexible Billing feature is enabled in the connected Zuora tenant. Otherwise, you will receive an error stating Your Zuora Tenant is not enabled Flexible Billing. Please reach out to Zuora Support to avail “Flexible Billing” feature”.

Display Contact Address fields in Subscription Level Contact picklists
With this setting enabled, Subscription Bill To Contact field displays  Bill To Contact Addresses as a picklist value.

This setting must be used in conjunction with Enable Flexible Billing in Quote Studio setting.
Display Bill To Contact Address fields in the Invoice Owner Account picklist
With this setting enabled, Invoice Owner field will display Bill To Contact Address with Billing Account Name as picklist values.
Enable Subscription Owner Transfer
With this setting enabled, you can transfer ownership of subscriptions from one customer account to another.
Enable Nested Discount Rows

With this setting enabled, you can use Nested Discount rows in a subscription.

See Enable and use Nested Discount Rows in CPQ X for more information.

Rate Plan Per Page

With this setting enabled, you can customize the number of rate plans displayed on each page. By default, the value is set to 20 rate plans per page.

Note that in the given example, if you have 30 rate plans and the default rate plans per page is set to 10, the pagination will function as follows:

  • On the first page, you will see the first 10 rate plans, numbered from 1 to 10.
  • When you navigate to the second page, it will display the next set of rate plans, again numbered from 1 to 10, rather than starting from 11.
View Amendment Quotes as of Quote Start Date
With this setting enabled, on an amendment quote, CPQ X considers the quote to start from the Quote Start Date instead of the subscription term start date, thus will filter out actions before that date.

This setting must be used in conjunction with the "Hide Original One-Time Charges" setting under Zuora Config Quote Configuration Settings.
  • When the "View Amend Quote as of Quote Start Date" setting is enabled and the "Hide Original One-Time Charges" setting is disabled, the original One-Time charges will be visible in the amendment and renewal quote types.
  • When both the "View Amend Quote as of Quote Start Date" setting and the "Hide Original One-Time Charges" setting are enabled, the One-Time charges will not be visible in the amendment and renewal quote types.
Prohibit Backdate Actions
With this setting enabled, the Contract Effective Date of update actions cannot be set to earlier than the Quote Start Date. 
Note that if Update Amendment Quotes as of Original/Subscription Term Start Date is also enabled, users can still update original products as of the original trigger date.
Schedule MSQ Status Job
Click this button to re-enable the "AsyncStatusJob" job. This button is visible only when MSQ is enabled and the "AsyncStatusJob" is not currently running. This ensures that it is accessible precisely when needed, streamlining the process of managing MSQ functionality.