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Restrict access to features in Quote Studio - MSQ


Restrict access to features in Quote Studio - MSQ

You can restrict access to certain features for user profiles pertaining to MSQ. Using this feature, you will be able to add a record with a profile and feature name, and that profile will not be able to see the selected feature on the Quote Studio page.

Currently, user profiles can be restricted to the following features:

Feature Name Description
Mid-Interval Update Button Restrict access to the Mid-Interval Update Button in Quote Studio.
Future-Dated Remove Product Restrict the access to create the Future-Dated Remove Product Action. It was introduced in version 10.8.1
Prohibit Backdated Setting Restrict the access to Prohibit Backdate Actions. It was introduced in version 10.14.

If the Prohibited Backdate Actions setting under Admin Config is enabled, it will prevent all profiles from creating update product actions. To exclude profiles, you need to define those profiles in the Restricted Access Config setting.
Ramp Quote Creation Restrict the access to create the Ramp Quote. It was introduced in version 10.15.3.
Flexible Billing Restrict the access to Flexible Billing.  It was introduced in version 10.16.
Changing date in Remove Product Action Modal Restrict access to specific profiles from changing the Effective Date in the Remove Product Action Modal. It was introduced in version 10.20.

Note that currently, this feature is only configured for the System Administrator profile.


To restrict access to features for user profiles in Quote Studio for MSQ, take the following steps:

  1. In your Salesforce org, navigate to Zuora Config > Quote Studio Settings > Restricted Access Config.
  2. Select a feature name from the Feature Name dropdown field.
  3. Select the profiles using the multi-select picklist under the Profiles dropdown.
  4. Select the ONLY FOR MSQ checkbox. If this box is left unchecked, the configuration will exclusively apply to the Standard Quoting flow and will not affect MSQ.


  1. Tick in the required quote flow type (New, Amend, Renew, and cancel).
  2. Click Save. Quote studio will not display the selected feature for the selected profile.