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Overview of Zuora CPQ Development Resources


Overview of Zuora CPQ Development Resources

This article provides an overview of the development resources available with Zuora CPQ. The articles in this sections assumes that you have:

  • Development experience on the platform, including the Apex language and Visualforce pages
  • Familiarity with Zuora functionality and some knowledge of the Zuora SOAP API

Development Resources for Zuora CPQ

Zuora CPQ provides two powerful resources for developers who wish to customize Zuora CPQ or integrate Zuora functionality into Salesforce applications:

  • Component Library is a set of classes and Visualforce UI components.
  • Order Builder is an SDK that implements a subset of the Zuora SOAP API in Apex.

Component Library is part of Zuora Quotes, and Order Builder is part of Zuora 360.

Component Library

Component Library provides Visualforce components for customizing and adding to Zuora Quotes, including key business logic and UI features. For example, components include a lookup dialog and a function that sends quotes to Zuora Billing as subscription orders.

Component Library saves you development time while providing you with reusable functionality similar to the features provided in Zuora Quotes.

See Component Library for more information.

Order Builder

Order Builder is an SDK for Apex,'s proprietary Java-like programming language. The Order Builder SDK implements a subset of the Zuora SOAP API as Apex calls, allowing you to make subscription-related calls to Zuora directly from Apex without having to deal with the mechanics of SOAP. The SDK includes Apex methods for creating, amending, renewing, and deleting subscriptions, performing queries, and more.

Order Builder makes it easy for developers and ISVs to build the power of Zuora subscription billing directly into their applications.

See Order Builder for more information.