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zcreate Method


zcreate Method


This article describes the Order Builder zcreate() method. The zcreate() method uses the Zuora create() method to create one or more zObjects of a specific type. Each zcreate() call can create only one type of zObject.


There are two versions of the zcreate() method.

  • List<zApi.SaveResult> zcreate(List<zObject> zobjects)
  • List<zApi.SaveResult> zcreate(List<zObject> zobjects, Boolean calloptions)

Input Parameters

The zcreate() method takes the following input paramteres.

Parameter Type Description
zobjects List<zObject> A list of objects to be created in Zuora
calloptions Boolean Only used for atomic amendment call


The zcreate() returns a list of zApi.SaveResult objects that provide the result of the create() call.


The zApi.SaveResult has the following properties.

Property Type Description
Errors List of zObjects If the create failed, this contains an array of error objects.
Id String ID of the created object.
Success Boolean If the create was successful, true. Otherwise, false.


The zcreate() method throws an exception if there is an error. The following classes are used to catch the exception:

  • zAPIException
  • zForceException
  • zRemoteException

Sample Code

// zApiInstance should be instantiated and the login() method must
// have been invoked prior to invoking any other method on the
// object

try {
Zuora.zObject acc = new Zuora.zObject('Account');

acc.setValue('Name', 'Zuora 360 created');
acc.setValue('Currency', 'USD');
acc.setValue('BillCycleDay', 1);
acc.setValue('PaymentTerm', 'Net 30');
acc.setValue('Batch', 'Batch1');
acc.setValue('Status', 'Draft');

List<Zuora.zObject> objs = new List<Zuora.zObject> {acc};
List<Zuora.zApi.SaveResult> results = zApiInstance.zcreate(objs);

for (Zuora.zApi.SaveResult result : results) {
if (result.Success){
//get the newly created id
String createdId = result.Id;
// more code here...
} else {
Zuora.zObject[] errors = result.errors;
for (Zuora.zObject error : errors) {
String errorCode = (String)error.getValue('Code');
String message = (String)error.getValue('Message');
//more code here...
} catch (Zuora.zRemoteException ex) {
if ('INVALID_FIELD' == ex.code) {
// An invalid field was specified
//more code here...
} else {
//more code here...
} catch (Zuora.zAPIException ex) {
//more code here...
} catch (Zuora.zForceException ex) {
//more code here...