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GlobalCustomFieldDefinition Class


GlobalCustomFieldDefinition Class

Use the GlobalCustomFieldDefinition class to store a set of custom field names for each Zuora Quotes object that supports and uses custom fields. The custom field sets stored in this global API are available as static resources in the current request context.

The custom fields specified in the QUOTE_FIELD and CHARGE_FIELDS properties are persisted and retrieved automatically by global methods and displayed by global components. Populate these fields to add custom field support to your custom quote implementation. The custom fields specified must be in lower case.

Once you have specified custom fields using the GlobalCustomFieldDefinition global class prior to charge group operations using global methods, the custom fields values are be retrieved, updated, and displayed in the zChargeGroup component automatically.

GlobalCustomFieldDefinition Class Properties

The GlobalCustomFieldDefinition class includes the following properties.

 Property  Type  Description

Stores a set of custom field names at the charge level (QuoteCharge__c)

QUOTE_FIELDS Set<String> Stores a set of custom field names at the quote level (Quote__c)