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Manage Charges with the Product Catalog


Manage Charges with the Product Catalog


This article describes all aspects of a charge and demonstrates the charge lifecycle that is maintained in Zuora Quotes.

After creating a quote, you can add a product, product rate plan, and product rate plan charge, to the quote.  The global component and global methods help you build the Product Selector Wizard with the option of adding any type of custom user interface and behavior into the Product Selector Wizard.

The global methods also help you retrieve, edit, update, delete, and save all types of charges associated with a quote, newly-added charges and amended or renewed charges.

Charge Lifecycle

The following diagrams describe the charge lifecycles of a new subscription, an amendment, and a renewal.

Charge Lifecycle New.png


Charge Lifecycle Amendment.png


Charge Lifecycle Renewal.png

Methods Used in the Diagrams

The following methods are used in the diagrams:

Method Description
get zChargeGroup getChargeGroup(ID quoteID, ID ratePlanID)


List<zChargeGroup> getChargeGroups(String quoteID)

add zChargeGroup updateChargeGroup(zChargeGroup updateChargeGroup)
update zChargeGroup updateChargeGroup (zChargeGroup updateChargeGroup)
delete zChargeGroup deleteChargeGroup (zChargeGroup deleteChargeGroup)