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Create Your Own "Send to Zuora" Process


Create Your Own "Send to Zuora" Process

In Zuora Quotes, the Send To Zuora button on the Quote detail page redirects the user to a preview page containing information about the quote, bill-to contact, sold-to contact, and charges. The user can use this page to send all of the quote information to Zuora Billing.

Using our global method sendToZBilling, you can build your own preview user interface and even bypass the preview page to send quotes to Zuora Billing to create both subscriptions and amendments.

Process flow

The following diagram provides an overview of the process of sending a quote to Zuora Billing, including references to the sample page and controller:

Sending Quote to ZBilling.png

In addition, for New Subscription charges, you can send custom fields in a quote to a subscription in Zuora, and custom fields in a QuoteCharge object (New Subscription Charges) to Subscription Rate Plan Charges in Zuora. This does not apply to Amended or Renewed charges.