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zSelectTable Component


zSelectTable Component


This article provides an overview of the zSelectTable component and the supported attributes.

zSelectTable Component

The zSelectTable component displays a table, i.e., a grid control. It is a general-purpose component used in Zuora Quotes, but appropriate for use in other applications as well.

zSelectTable Component Attributes

The following attributes are available on the zSelectTable component.

Attribute Type Required? Description
fieldNames String[] Yes A list of the fieldName to be displayed in the column of the table. The fieldNames are case sensitive.
id String No An identifier that allows the component to be referenced by other components in the page
rendered Boolean No Specifies whether the component is rendered on the page. The default value is True.
rerenderIDs String No The component IDs that need to be rendered when the selecting event occurs
selectRowShare zqu.zComponentDataShare Yes The selected result(ID) which is used for the page controller
setControllerShare zqu.zComponentDataShare Yes The setcontroller provider of the record set that is displayed in the list table
title String No The text to display the description of the list table