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Communication Profile Settings


Communication Profile Settings

A communication profile is a set of policies that determine how to communicate with the contacts associated with a particular account. You must use the web-based UI to specify these policies.

If you have the Multi-entity enabled in Zuora, communication profile settings are entity specific.

See Set Up Profiles, Notifications, and Templates for more information about communication profiles.

This article describes how to configure a Zuora Communication Profile in Zuora Quotes. You can assign one of the Communication Profiles to a new Billing Account when you send a New Subscription quote to Zuora. The new Billing Account created in Zuora will have the Communication Profile.

This setting works in both legacy CPQ and CPQ X.

Here's an overview of the process:

  1. View the Communication Profile for your account in Zuora.
  2. In Zuora Quotes, configure the Communication Profiles.
  3. Assign the Communication Profile to a new Billing Account for a New Subscription quote. The Communication Profile field is not included in the Quote Page Layout by default. You need to edit the page layout and add the field to the page.

Configure Communication Profiles in Zuora Quotes

To configure Communication Profiles:

  1. Navigate to Zuora Config > Communication Profile Settings.
  2. On the Communication Profile Settings page, click Refresh Profiles From Zuora.
  3. The Communication Profiles defined in Zuora are listed. In Zuora Quotes, you use the profile name when you assign a profile to a quote.
  4. If you want to manually configure a Communication Profile, click New Communication Profile.
  5. On the Communication Profile Edit page, enter the following information: 
    • Communication Profile Name: The name of the Communication Profile. 
    • Zuora Id: The ID of the Communication Profile in Zuora. You must specify the same Id as in Zuora. See Communication Profile for retrieving the Id via Zuora SOAP API.
  6. Click Save.