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Default Value Settings


Default Value Settings

When you assign default values in Default Value Settings, those default values are used as field values for new quotes created.

Configure Default Value Settings

To configure default value settings:

  1. In Zuora Quotes, click the Zuora Config tab.
  2. On the Zuora Quotes Configuration Setting page, click Default Value Settings.
  3. Click Edit Settings.
  4. Enter information for the configuration fields. The table below describes these fields in more detail.
  5. Click Save.

Default Value Settings Descriptions

The following fields are available for default value settings.

Field Description Required? Legacy CPQ CPQ X
Configuration View and Billing Entity Selection The fields in this section set the scope of the default settings you set on the rest of this page.      
Configuration View Select whether to edit the organization-wide default setting or the entity specific default settings. Yes    
Entity Name Select the Zuora entity name if you are setting the entity level default settings. Yes
if Configuration View is set to Entity.
Subscription Name

Set this to Auto-Number in the Multi-entity settings.

Billing Account Default Settings

Select the currency that you want to use. Clear this option if you do not want to set a default currency.

No File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Invoice Delivery Preferences Select the default delivery preference for invoices.

Select None if you do not want to set a default.

No File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Bill Cycle Day Specify the day of the month on which to bill your customers. You must also activate the same bill cycle day in Zuora Billing. Yes File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Payment Term Select the default payment term that you want to use.

Select None if you do not want to set a default.

No File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Batch Select the default billing account batch that you want to use. Yes File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Allow Invoice Edit If enabled, customers can edit the invoices that belong to the billing account created by Zuora Quotes. Typically, most users disable this option. Yes File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  

Allow Bill Cycle Day to Match Start Date


Select this option if you want the bill cycle date to default to the day on which the subscription contract becomes effective.

This setting was deprecated as of Zuora Quotes 6.3.

No Deprecated  
Quote Default Settings
Include Prefix in Quote Name Select to include a prefix the quote name.   File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png
Calculate Quote Metrics Through Select one of the following options to determine how to calculate quote metrics:
  • Specific number of Billing Period(s) (1-36)
  • End of Term. If selected, Evergreen Subscription metrics are calculated for one billing period.

This selection becomes the default for each new quote. You can override this default on individuals quotes as needed from the Quotes Detail page.

See Quote Metrics for more information.

Yes File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Subscription Default Settings
Subscription Term Type Specify the default subscription term type, Termed or Evergreen. This default specifies whether the subscription has a set term (in number of months) until which it expires (Termed), or whether the subscription does not expire (Evergreen).

None if you do not want to set a default.

No File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Subscription Name Set the default value for the Subscription Name when the quote is sent to Zuora. Options are Opportunity NameQuote Name, or Auto-Number (an automatically generated number). Selecting Auto-Number lets you create multiple quotes or subscriptions under the same opportunity. No File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png
Default Subscription to Auto-Renew? If enabled, a new termed subscription quotes are set to auto-renew by default. No File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png