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Layout Configuration Settings


Layout Configuration Settings

In Zuora Config Layout Configuration Settings, you can configure the layout of a property page, a list, or a lookup used in the quoting flow without having to write custom Apex code.

In order to customize object layouts, you need access to the Zuora Config tab and Layout Configuration Settings.

This setting is effective exclusively in legacy CPQ and does not apply to CPQ X.

Property Layout Configuration

A Property Layout is a UI representation of a single object. It contains one or more sections, and each section is backed by a field set. A field set is a standard concept used in and represents a collection of fields. 

Quote Object Layout

The property layout is used to configure the quoting flow for the Quote object types. Filter by the view type and the record type for which you want to configure the layout to:

  • Add or remove sections 
  • Re-order sections
  • Change section layout properties

To configure a Quote layout:

  1. View the page you want to configure.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Objects to identify the fields set that correspond to the sections you want to modify.
  3. In the Zuora Config tab, click Layout Configuration Settings.
  4. In the Select Field Set Filter Criteria section, select Quote in the Object Name field.
  5. In the View Type field, select a view type. 
    The property pages in the quoting flow are represented by the view type. For example, select the Create view type on the Quote object to configure the fields sets and layout on the Create a New Subscription.
  6. In the Record Type field, select a record type.
    The quote type is represented by the record type. For example:
    • Select the Default record type to configure the layout on the Create a New Subscription page.
    • Select the ReadOnly record type to configure the view-only Quote Detail page for a New Subscription quote.
    • For the Cancellation record type of the Quote object, only the Edit and Detail view types are supported.
    • For the Custom-created record type, only the Edit, Detail, Preview, and Compare view types are supported. 
      • Note that you can choose field sets by using the same view type for every record type: Default, Amendment, Renewal, and Cancellation. Add same field sets as necessary, depending on the specific requirements.
  7. To add a field set to the layout, click the field set from the Available Field Set list box and click the Add arrow to move the selection to the Selected Field Set list box.
  8. To remove a field set  from the layout, click the field set from the Selected Field Set list box and click the Remove arrow to move the selection to the Available Field Set list box.
  9. To re-position a field set in the layout, click the field set from the Selected Field Set list box and click the Up and Down arrows.
  10. To define the styling or display options for a field set, click the field set from the Selected Field Set list box. To the right of the list box, style properties for the selected field set appear. Click to select the options.
    • Show Section Header: If selected, the section header is displayed.
    • Section Is Single Column: Indicates whether the section uses single-column layout.
    • Section Collapsible: If selected, this section becomes collapsible.
  11. Click Save.
  12. To revert back to the default configuration, click Restore Defaults.

List and Lookup Layout Configuration

A List Layout is a UI representation of a list of objects, e.g. Billing Account and Quote Template. Display of the lists is controlled by a field set on the object.

A Lookup Layout contains two UI constructs:

  • A text input field that allows auto-complete
  • A lookup browse window that contains a configurable list

Each list or lookup layout has a default field set. Optionally, you can create and assign a custom field set to customize the list display.

To configure a list or a lookup layout:

  1. In the Zuora Config tab, click Layout Configuration Settings.
  2. Select the object in the Object Name field.
  3. Select List in the View Type field to configure a list layout. Or select Lookup to configure a lookup layout.
  4. Select Master in the Record Type field.
  5. Replace the default field set with your custom field set.

Billing Account List

This feature is only configurable if Zuora 360 v2.61+ is installed.

On the Select Billing Account page, which is the first step in the quoting flow, when you select an existing billing account, the detail list of the billing accounts is displayed.

You can configure the column layout of this account list using the Billing Accounts (zuora__fields_for_select_billing_account_compon) field set of the Billing Account object in Zuora 360 managed package.

To configure the Billing Account List layout:

  1. Browse to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Click Billing Accounts.
  3. In the Field Sets section, click Edit next to Billing Accounts.
  4. Edit the field set by adding, removing, re-ordering, or configuring the fields in the field set.
  5. Click Save.