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Display Lookup Fields in Enhanced Product Selector


Display Lookup Fields in Enhanced Product Selector

When you add lookup fields to the Lightning Guided Product Selector page layout via the Display Charge Fields field set, those lookup fields will become available to your quoting users when they create quotes for new subscriptions or quotes for the add/update product amendments. The quoting users would click on the lookup icon in the charge list to select a value from a popup list. 

The charge level lookup fields feature does not support the Salesforce standard lookup fields.

To provide lookup fields in Lightning Guided Product Selector:

  1. Create the field set and add the fields to appear in the lookup pop-up window.
    1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > The object your lookup field will point to.
    2. In the Standard Fields section, note the Field Label of the Name field.
    3. In the Field Set section, click New.
    4. In the Label and Name fields, type Z_DisplayFields.
    5. Click Save.
    6. First, drag and drop the Name field that you noted in Step 2.
    7. Drag and drop the fields you want to display in the lookup window.
    8. Click Save.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Create > Quote Rate Plan Charge.
  3. If you have not created the custom lookup field:
    1. In the Custom Fields & Relationships section, click New.
    2. In the Data Type section, select Lookup Relationship and click Next.
    3. Complete the rest of the steps to define a lookup field.
  4. In the Field Sets section, click Edit for the Display Charge Fields field set.
  5. Drag and drop the lookup fields you want to the In the Field Set list.
  6. Click Save. Now the above fields will appear in the Product Selector, and your quoting users will be able to override the values at the charge level.

The lookup fields feature is available in the versions 8.3 and later of Zuora Quotes.