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Legacy CPQ


Legacy CPQ

Legacy CPQ encompasses the earlier versions of Zuora Quotes, specifically versions 9.xx and any releases that came before them. In other words, it refers to the historical iterations of the Zuora Quotes application that were available prior to version 10.0. 

Zuora strongly recommends upgrading your Zuora Quotes package to the latest version at least once per quarter. This practice ensures that you stay current, up to date, and mitigates the risk of any potential Salesforce platform changes that could lead to incompatibility with older versions of the Zuora Quotes package.

Get started with legacy CPQ

Refer to the following documentation to learn how to install, configure, and use legacy CPQ.

  1. Prerequisites for Using Legacy CPQ - Explore the necessary prerequisites to effectively utilize Legacy CPQ.
  2. Set up Legacy CPQ - A comprehensive guide on setting up Legacy CPQ for your organization's needs.
  3. Create Subscription in Legacy CPQ - Learn how to create and manage subscriptions within the Legacy CPQ system.
  4. Advanced Legacy CPQ Functionalities - Discover advanced features and capabilities offered by Legacy CPQ for complex configurations.
  5. Document Generation in Legacy CPQ - Understand how to generate documents efficiently using Legacy CPQ.
  6. Send a Quote to Zuora - Learn how to send quotes to Zuora for billing and subscription management seamlessly.
  7. Legacy CPQ Rules Engine - Dive into the Rules Engine of Legacy CPQ to automate and customize pricing and quoting processes.
  8. Zuora Quotes Configuration Settings - Configure and customize settings in Zuora Quotes to align with Legacy CPQ for seamless integration.