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Considerations for Salesforce Feature: Enhanced Domains


Considerations for Salesforce Feature: Enhanced Domains

Salesforce availability and enforcement

  • Enhanced domains are now available in all orgs, and qualifying orgs created in Summer '22 or later will have enhanced domains enabled by default.
  • In Winter '23, enhanced domains became mandatory for sandboxes and non-production orgs, unless an org-level setting was enabled to postpone enforcement until Spring '23. Non-production orgs include demo orgs, Developer Edition orgs, free orgs, patch orgs, Trailhead Playgrounds, and trial orgs. Enhanced domains are also enabled by default in new, refreshed, and cloned sandboxes. See Enable Enhanced Domains in New and Refreshed Sandboxes to disable that behavior.
  • Starting from Spring '23, enhanced domains will be required in production orgs and all remaining orgs.

Considerations for Zuora CPQ

  • If your Salesforce Org has the Enhanced Domain feature enabled and you are using the CPQ Hosted Payment Page, you need to update the new domain in the Zuora HPM settings. Detailed instructions can be found in the Knowledge Center Article: Create a Hosted Payment Page in Zuora.
  • For example, the old hosted domain for a production org might be: "," while the new hosted domain (after enabling Enhanced Domains) would be: ""
  • Additionally, if your organization has any customizations with hardcoded domain URLs, you must verify and update those URLs according to the Enhanced Domain Salesforce documentation.
  • Zuora strongly recommends testing the Enhanced Domains feature in your Salesforce Sandbox Org before enabling it in your Production Org.

Zuora CPQ does not have any hardcoded URLs in the Managed Package.