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Zuora CPQ End of Support Policy


Zuora CPQ End of Support Policy

This article describes the current end of support policy for Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360. 

Reasons for the end of support policy 

Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360 have been in existence for nearly seven years, and since the first release, a vast number of improvements have been made to the products. However, there are customers still on early versions of the products, and maintaining these early versions increases technical debt and slows down our pace of innovation.

This policy enables us to better utilize our resources and to quickly bring you the features and technology you’ve come to expect from Zuora.  Upgrading to the latest versions allows customers to take advantage of new features and functionalities while maintaining compatibility with their existing versions.


Support will be provided only for the last three (3) major version releases of the Zuora CPQ for Salesforce Quotes Managed Package. To identify your CPQ version, see Identify versions. For instance, if the latest version is 10.25, it is necessary to be on at least version 10.23 to receive support. Zuora disclaims liability if you are not on a recent supported version. Changes or updates in SFDC may impact older versions of the Zuora CPQ Quotes Managed Package.

End of support policy 

The policy only affects you if you are on the following versions:

  • Zuora Quotes Version. 6.4x or earlier 

  • Zuora 360 Version. 2.100 or earlier 

This policy will be gradually phased in and take full effect as of July 31, 2018.  At that point, Support will no longer support versions lower than the above.  Please see the schedule below for full explanation of the timeline.

Upgrade paths 

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest packages of Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360.  The package upgrades are designed to be as self-service and as backward compatible as possible, but if you feel you have heavy customizations that need technical expertise, contact your Zuora Customer Success Manager or Zuora Global Support who can best advise you on resources you can leverage, including Zuora Services.

For further information about the upgrades, refer to the following articles in the Zuora KnowledgeCenter:

End of support schedule 

July 2017

This upgrade policy article is available in the Knowledge Center.

Support starts proactive communication to the customers on the affected versions to be deprecated.

The upgrade policy announcement is sent out to all Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360 customers.

January 2018 A general reminder is sent to all customers of the end of support timeline and of the package links change in April.
April 2018 Package links other than those required to upgrade to versions post EOS Versions will no longer be available for installation.
July 2018

A reminder is sent to all customers of pending non-support of EOS Versions.

Zuora officially stops supporting the EOS Versions of Zuora Quotes  and Zuora 360 versions listed above.

The installation links for the affected versions are removed.

Check the current version 

To check the currently installed version, complete the following steps:

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Installed Packages.

  2. Check the version numbers for the Zuora Quotes package and the Zuora for Salesforce 360 package.