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Configure Payment Pages 2.0


Configure Payment Pages 2.0

Before configuring a Payment Page for a specific payment method type, you can optionally configure rate limiting settings for all Payment Pages in your Zuora tenant. See the "Rate limiting configuration" section below.

The following payment method types are supported for Payment Pages 2.0. Click the following payment method types for the detailed configuration steps:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer, including the following Bank Transfer types:
    • SEPA
    • ACH
    • UK Direct Debit
    • AU Direct Entry
    • Sweden Direct Debit (Autogiro)
    • Denmark Direct Debit (Betalingsservice)

Rate limiting configuration

Zuora provides several rate limiting settings to help you manage fraud and malicious use of Payment Pages. The following settings are specific to Payment Pages 2.0: 

  • Enable Rate Limiting - Select this check box if you want to enable rate limiting for your Payment Pages.
  • IP Whitelist - The whitelisted IP ranges are not subject to the rate limiting configuration. You can specify a maximum of 50 IPv4 address ranges or 20 IPv6 address ranges.
  • Submission Limit Per Minute - The number of times a page can be submitted per minute per IP. The default value is 3. 
  • Submission Limit Per Hour - The number of times a page can be submitted per hour per IP. The default value is 15.

If the number of page submissions exceeds the configured thresholds, the Too many submissions. Please retry later. error message is displayed.