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These are general questions and answers that users ask about the Zuora SOAP API. If you don't see your question here, then scroll to the bottom of the page and post your question in the Comments box.

When should I use the API instead of the web-based UI?

The Zuora UI is appropriate for an out-of-the-box look and feel, but to provide an experience for your customers that is customized to your own look and feel and business needs, you need to use the API. With the Z-Commerce API, you can build your own Zuora-integrated applications for your website or store. 

The API gives you the elements you need to read and update your subscription products, billing, payments, and general ledger information securely in your store or website applications. No matter what you decide to develop in the future, you can use the Z-Commerce API to integrate Zuora securely.

What do I need to start using the SOAP API?

To start, you need the following things:

  • Zuora account with the API user role
  • SOAP development environment (WSDL-capable)
  • Zuora WSDL
  • Zuora API utility (optional)
  • Zuora Sandbox (optional)

Click here to open a checklist of things you need, things you might want, and where to get them.

What's the purpose of the Zuora Sandbox?

The Zuora Sandbox is a nonproduction environment that provides full access to the Zuora API. You can use it to develop and test your client applications without worrying about how your work might affect your production environment or production data. 

When using the Sandbox, you must change the URL of the WSDL before using it in your toolkit. Contact your Zuora sales representative to obtain the correct URL and for access to the Zuora Sandbox.

How do I get a SOAP development environment?

You need a SOAP development environment that's WSDL-capable. While Zuora can't recommend a particular environment, you might find SOAP environments that you like at Sourceforge. If you are new to working with APIs, then look for one that has a wizard for importing WSDL files. A wizard isn't necessary, but its presence does indicate that the environment might be friendlier to novice users than others.

Download the environment, then install and configure it according to its instructions.

How can I test my code without incurring credit-card charges?

Sooner or later it will probably be necessary to test some transactions that involve credit cards. For suggestions on how to handle this, see Going Live With Your Payment Gateway

Where can I find answers, ideas, and support?

If you have questions, need inspiration, or have ideas to share, we encourage you to visit our SOAP API Support Forum.

What is the Format of the Decimal Values?

We recommend that you do not specify the decimal values with quotation marks, commas, and spaces. Use characters of +-0-9.eE, for example, 5, 1.9, -8.469, and 7.7e2. Also, Zuora does not convert currencies for decimal values.