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Going Live with Your Payment Gateways


Going Live with Your Payment Gateways

You can now test all of Zuora’s Payments functionality as well as your payment gateway calls (such as setting up a payment method, executing payment runs, collecting a payment, etc.) without requiring a login to a payment gateway. Using our test payment gateway, you can start testing immediately prior to signing with of our supported payment gateways providers. Our test payment gateway can help with ad-hoc or early implementation testing but this test gateway is not meant to replace testing performed against an actual payment gateway.

Before going live, Zuora recommends testing your payment processes using a real payment gateway.

Use the test gateway

To configure a test gateway instance:

  1. Navigate to the Setup Payment Gateway page.
  2. On the Configure Gateway Instance tab, select Test Gateway from the Gateway Type list.
  3. Click Create Gateway. In the page that appears, specify a Name for your test gateway as well as the Rules, including Credit Cards Accepted, Default Authorization Amount, Verify new payment method, Verify updated payment method.
  4. Click Save Gateway Information.

Test with credit cards

Developers and trainers using Zuora are likely to run into the problem of how to test or demonstrate the use of credit cards without incurring actual charges.

Our test gateway allows you to perform positive testing. If your payment call is successful, we return that result. However, if you enter an invalid credit card number, the test gateway does not return an error. Instead, all payment transactions processed against our test gateway return success. A suggested approach is to use "4111111111111111", which is obviously not a real credit card number but is easily recognizable for test purposes. 

Other gateways typically support your test with the credit card numbers specified in their official setup documentation or developer guides. The gateway returns success but does not incur any real charges.