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Use Cases and Code Samples


Use Cases and Code Samples

You can programmatically create, manage, change and cancel subscriptions, create invoices, and apply payments. In addition, you can programmatically query and update account, contact, payment method, subscription, invoice and usage data.

A use case can be as simple as the description of how to use one API call or object to perform a common task, or could be more complex, involving several calls and objects.

These topics provide information about use cases using SOAP API calls. The code samples are predominantly in XML. Most topics list only the body of the SOAP Envelope.

Product and Accounts Cases

Customer Account Use Cases

Subscription and Amendment Use Cases

Amend Subscription Use Cases

Once a subscription is set up, you can make changes to that subscription. For example, you can change the terms and conditions, or change or delete a product. In such cases, you would identify the subscription, then make the desired changes. The Amendment object carries the primary fields for making these kinds of changes. The following topics provide specific information about the types of changes you can make using the Amendment object.

Invoice and Payment Use Cases

Invoice Use Cases

Zuora provides two methods that you can use to adjust Invoices:

  • Adjusting a line item (a charge or tax) on an invoice
  • Adjusting the total of an invoice

SOAP API WSDL version: 22+

To adjust a single a line item, use an InvoiceItemAdjustment (available as of version 23.0 of the API). See Invoice Item Adjustment Use Cases for more information and examples.

Usage Use Cases

Usage-based fees track resources that are metered and then charged based on the amount consumed. Examples include database storage space, bundles of emails sent. Usage is always billed in arrears. For example, bill for January usage in February. Usage can be billed on a recurring monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Credit Balance Adjustment Use Cases

Credit Balance tracks the customer's credit, which can be used to pay for future invoices or refunded at a later date. Use Account.CreditBalance to access the customer's credit balance information.

The following use cases are available:

Payment Gateway Use Cases

Exporting Data Use Cases

Export Use Cases