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SOAP API Object Relationships


SOAP API Object Relationships

The calls in the Zuora API are similar to verbs (they perform actions), and they perform actions upon the Zuora objects. The Zuora API objects, such as Account and Subscription, support the API calls, such as subscribe().

The objects provide essential information needed to create and maintain a subscription, such as the information needed to create an account, contact information for that account, methods of payment for that account, and information relating to the subscription for that account.

Zuora SOAP API Object Relationships

The following illustration shows the relationships between the objects in the Zuora SOAP API. 

This version of the SOAP object relationships diagram is not actively maintained. See Zuora Business Objects Relationship for the current version of the general Zuora business objects relationships.

Click diagram for a larger view.

Zuora API Object Relationship Diagram

Core Data Types

The following data types are used in various ways in applications created using this API.


This is the base object from which all other objects are derived. See zObject for more information.

zObject contributes additional fields to all Zuora objects. For information on the field types, see Field Types.


This is the base fault object. See Faults for more information.

Error and ErrorCode

These are the error-handling objects. See Error Handling for more information.