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Edit a card


Edit a card

You can edit a card to revise its name, description, the data included in the card, or the presentation of data (including aggregation and sorting-by dimensions).

You can edit all cards in the Explorers. For the cards that are pinned to the Dashboard, you can also edit them in the Dashboard.

To edit a card in the Explorer:

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Explorer > Cards.
  2. Locate the card that you want to edit.
  3. Click the card title, or click the menu icon and then select Edit.
    The card details page opens. 
  4. Make changes to various elements of the card. 
    For details about the changes that you can make to a card, see Create a table card or Create a time series card.

When you click a card to view its details in the Dashboard, you can also make changes to a card. However, only users with the 'Manager Analytics' permission can save changes.