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Overview of Zuora In-product Benchmarks


Overview of Zuora In-product Benchmarks

Describes the concept of Zuora In-product Benchmarking

Zuora In-product Benchmarks are designed to help you analyze how your business is doing relative to the competitors in your industry. Zuora's in-product Benchmarking feature leverages AI to suggest best practices for specific metrics tailored to each industry.

Benchmarks are vital for ensuring that performance and growth meet market standards, while automation remains aligned with industry best practices. This article provides several standard benchmarking metrics available for you through the in-product benchmarks within the Zuora platform. 

Zuora In-product Benchmarks allow you to see how your business performance compares to the low, median and high for each of the following metrics:

  • Annual Pricing Updates
  • Proportional Usage Billing
  • Subscriber Flexibility Index
  • Automated Billing Efficiency
  • Quick Payment Rate
  • e-Payment Success Rate
  • Speed to Close Books

See Standard Benchmark metrics for more information.