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Explore Additional Features for Platform Utilization


Explore Additional Features for Platform Utilization

The Recommended Features option allows users to fully explore and utilize the platform's functionalities within the app's interface. Admin users have the convenience of accessing a centralized catalog, which greatly assists in understanding the product capabilities.

The Recommended Features include the following segments to view and grasp the product capabilities.

Application or Feature


Central Sandbox

Merges the ability to replicate production data and performance into a unified test environment. It consistently offers a scrubbed snapshot of production data and supports new implementations.

Developer Sandbox

Enables the creation of a testing environment, mirroring the settings and configurations of your production environment by duplicating configuration data.

Performance Booster

Enables scaling of high-volume processes for peak periods and larger batches.

Performance Booster Elite

Optimizes the Performance Booster module to cater to high-volume transactions and throughput demands.

Revenue Sandbox (Migration)

Offers a testing and data modeling environment with on-demand refreshed production data.

Revenue Sandbox (Production)

Provides production data snapshot with purchasable AWS-based sandbox instances.

Snowflake Secure Share

Simplifies engineering tasks related to data handling, integrations, and schema changes. Furthermore, it provides instant access to Zuora's comprehensive subscription data for quick, data-driven decision-making.


Automates complex and repetitive tasks, following a predefined logic to enhance efficiency and minimize errors that would otherwise need manual handling.

Zuora CPQ X Automates and streamlines the process of configuring products, pricing, and generating quotes within Salesforce.

Zuora Fraud Protection

Gain integrated access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection portal for training machine learning models, setting fraud rules, and blocking unwanted activities.

View details of recommended features

To view and access the recommended features,

  1. Navigate to the One Zuora app page and select Recommended Features.
  2. Choose a Zuora product.
  3. (Optional) Toggle between Table and List view to see the accessible apps.
  4. To redirect you to the app page, click the icon from the app data card.
  5. Click on the app to access the app details page. The app details page consists of the following:
    • Basic Information: Includes product description, compatibility details, and associated KC resources.
    • Micro Demos: Displays video that explains the product functionality.
    • Upcoming Product Events: Includes schedule and details of an upcoming event.
  6. To gain access and utilize the app, click on Talk to Expert. The Request Submitted option will appear upon submission, allowing the CSM to contact you within 2 business days.