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View and manage tenants


View and manage tenants

Tenants are quick review data cards to understand and monitor the connection status of the system-integrated production and sandbox environments of the tenant. The tenant data card is created with varied information that signifies the impact on the system's health.

The image below is the view based on the tenant details:

  1. Name: Name of the tenant.

  2. ID: Displays the Tenant ID, the Zuora product (Billing or Revenue), and the tenant's region(US or EU).

  3. Trust Status: Displays Zuora’s system status.

  4. Performance: Indicates the status of overall performance across all system health dashboards of the tenant.

  5. Errors and Failures: Indicates the status of overall errors across all system health dashboards. A warning shows up if the error thresholds exceed for any dashboard.

  6. Log in new page: Click this icon to redirect you to a new page with details specific to the tenant.

  7. Hierarchy: This indication appears if you are a multi-tenant entity.

Status values for connection

The image below is the view based on the status values for connection:

  1. Active: The tenant is active.

  2. Inactive: The connection between the tenant and Zuora’s enterprise is inactive or de-provisioned.

Trust status

You can view the trust status for each tenant without having to log on to The trust status reflects metrics specific to a tenant than displaying information about a data center in general.

The data card display shows the status, major incidents, and significant infrastructure changes for the EU and NA region data hosting centers. Clicking on the status shows a flyout with the sub-status of each component.