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Monitor and track admin actions and resources


Monitor and track admin actions and resources

The Administrative Actions and Resources section offers a centralized platform to monitor and manage organization, tenant, user, user role, user group and more in the Zuora system.

The following fields are included in this section as entry points to monitor and enhance performance.

Field Descriptions
Sandboxes Select Refresh Existing Sandbox to access your test environments on the Platform.
Tenant Settings
  • Click on Manage Deployments to automate the deployment of metadata objects across tenants.
  • Click on View entitlements for a comprehensive overview of your active subscription and entitlements usage.
Users Click Manage Users to view, edit, deactivate, or reactivate users in OneID. For more information, see Manage users in OneID.
  • Visit the Knowledge Centre and Developer Portal to access resources on Zuora integration.
  • Check Availability(Trust) for updates on system status and service availability.
Support Use Zuora's Support Centre for issue identification, diagnosis, and resolution.