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Mediation overview


Mediation overview

Consumption-based billing depends on data about subscriber usage. To get the usage data into the billing system, you must extract, clean up, and load the data from the source system. This process is called Mediation. Mediation helps translate subscriber consumption data into records that Zuora can process and bill for. Mediation drives consumption-based billing adoption by making the ingestion of consumption data effortless, reliable, and cost-effective.

You must follow the below guidelines to load data into the Zuora system:

  • You should submit the data in the prescribed format that transforms the data appropriately.
  • The data must use Zuora-recognized identifiers (either Number/Name or ID) for the account, subscription, or charge to ensure proper guidance (assignment of a usage record to charge; customers must properly attribute their usage data with Zuora identifiers).


Customers send millions of usage records monthly and align them all to Zuora IDs. Customers can only create usage by creating a usage record, and all such records are intended to be a billable event.

Mediation allows customers to load data in their format that represents their service usage/events seamlessly into Zuora.

Access Mediation

Mediation is placed in the left navigation panel in the Zuora UI.

Mediation user personas

This operation would typically be performed by the persona mentioned below.

  • Buyer - such as CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • User (UI and API) - such as Developer / Integrator, IT Analyst / Admin


The tenant admin needs to assign users who need to access this feature that contains the Mediation permission.

After you are assigned the Mediation permission, you should see a Mediation section in the left navigation in Zuora UI.

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