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Mediation is a feature designed to simplify loading of service consumption events into Zuora. With Mediation, you can create Meters that automate a set of data processing steps that otherwise need to be performed manually and repetitively, resulting in metrics that can easily be rated and billed for. This documentation describes how to define events and run meters in Mediation.

Mediation is available only if you have the Advanced Consumption Billing feature enabled. Contact your Zuora Customer Success Manager for assistance if you are interested in accessing this feature.

Use articles in this guide to learn about the features, basic concepts, and user interface of Zuora Mediation, as well as the general steps for using it. 

Mediation is based on Zuora. To get started, ensure you have a working knowledge of Zuora concepts.

Additional resources

To help resolve your queries with Mediation, contact the Zuora Support team and get assistance.