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Performance Booster Elite+


Performance Booster Elite+


The Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue) is for companies with high-volume transactions and consistent throughput needs. The Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue) allows customers to scale high-volume revenue recognition processes to meet the demands of peak periods and larger batch operations. 

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Your own dedicated hardware infrastructure 

  • Improved operational efficiencies such as:

    • System-level performance improvements up to 3x-5x compared to the shared tenant.

    • Reduced process bottlenecks that impact mission-critical tasks, such as faster month-end accounting close.

    • Process more than 500k volume of transactions per batch.

    • Consistent performance for up to 30M annual transactions.

    • Revenue Processes do not wait in queues as resources are not shared by other customers.

    • Reporting performance improvement by up to 3x-5x.

    • Increased processing efficiency for multi-org structures.

Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue) includes: 

  • A Dedicated Shard: If you purchase Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue), you are entitled to dedicated hardware infrastructure that provides consistent processing performance and physical segregation from other customers.

The following factors influence which Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue) plan best suits each customer: 

  • Annual transaction count

  • Number of orgs

  • Revenue contract size

  • Number of concurrent users

  • Custom extensions


Getting started with Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue)

If you are interested in the Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue) package, please note the following:

  • New Zuora customers can be provisioned with a dedicated shard at the beginning of their lifecycle on Zuora with no expected impact to Go Live.

  • For existing customers to take advantage of a dedicated shard, a migration project and scheduled downtime is required. Downtime varies based on total data volume and team capacity. 

  • Once a customer is on a dedicated shard, scaling up to higher plan levels involves minimal effort.

  • If you are interested in adding Performance Booster Elite+ (Zuora Revenue), please reach out to your Zuora account team.