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Performance Booster Elite


Performance Booster Elite


The Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue) is for companies with medium-volume transactions and consistent throughput needs. The Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue) allows you to scale medium to high-volume revenue recognition processes to meet the demands of peak periods and larger batch operations.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Your own dedicated hardware infrastructure.

  • Improved operational efficiencies such as:

    • System-level performance improvements up to 2x-3x compared to shared tenant.

    • Reduced process bottlenecks that impact mission-critical tasks such as faster month end accounting close.

    • Process more than 250k volume of transactions per batch.

    • Consistent performance for up to 15M annual transactions.

    • Revenue Processes do not wait in queue as resources are not shared by other customers.

    • Reporting performance improvement by up to 2x-3x.

Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue) includes: 

  • A Dedicated Shard: customers who purchase Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue) are entitled to dedicated hardware infrastructure that provides consistent processing performance and physical segregation from other customers


The following factors influence which Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue) plan best suits each customer: 

  • Annual transaction count

  • Number of orgs

  • Revenue contract size

  • Number of concurrent users

  • Custom extensions


Additional capabilities that boost Zuora’s platform performance may continue to be added to these modules as they become available. 

Getting started with Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue)

If you are interested in the Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue) package, please note the following:

  • New Zuora customers can be provisioned with a dedicated shard at the beginning of their lifecycle on Zuora with no expected impact to Go Live.

  • For existing customers to take advantage of a dedicated shard, a migration project and scheduled downtime is required. Downtime varies based on total data volume and team capacity. 

  • Once a customer is on a dedicated shard, scaling up to higher plan levels involves minimal effort.

  • If you are interested in adding Performance Booster Elite (Zuora Revenue), please reach out to your Zuora account team.