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Billing Preview Run Result Difference data source


Billing Preview Run Result Difference data source

Use this data source to view the difference between the current billing preview run result and a specified billing preview run result.

This feature is in the Early Adopter phase. If you want to use the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support, and we will evaluate whether the feature is suitable for your use cases.


Objects Available in the Data Source

Base Object Description

Descriptions for the base Zuora objects.

Zuora Object Description
Billing Preview Run Result Difference

Contains the following fields:

  • Account ID
  • AppliedToInvoiceItemId
  • Billing Preview Run ID
  • Compared Billing Preview Run ID
  • Created By ID
  • Created Date
  • CreditMemoItem Amount
  • CreditMemoItem Description
  • CreditMemoItem ID
  • CreditMemoItem Quantity
  • CreditMemoItem SKU
  • CreditMemoItem SKU Name
  • CreditMemoItem Service EndDate
  • CreditMemoItem Service StartDate
  • CreditMemoItem Uom
  • Difference Type
  • ID
  • InvoiceItem ChargeAmount
  • InvoiceItem ChargeDate
  • InvoiceItem ChargeType
  • InvoiceItem ID
  • InvoiceItem Processing Type
  • InvoiceItem Quantity
  • InvoiceItem Service EndDate
  • InvoiceItem Service StartDate
  • InvoiceItem Uom
  • LegalDocumentationType
  • RatePlanCharge ID
  • RatePlanChargeNumber
  • Subscription ID
  • Subscription Number
  • Updated By ID
  • Updated Date 


Related Object Descriptions

Object Description
Account The customer account information. Note that this is the Invoice Owner account.
Bill To Contact The bill to contact of the Invoice Owner account.
Default Payment Method

The default payment method used to make payments.

Parent Account

Refers to the parent account associated with the customer account, if applicable.


The product information. 

Product Rate Plan The rate plan from the product catalog.
Product Rate Plan Charge Charge information from the product catalog.
Rate Plan Refers to the rate plan or pricing plan information associated with the subscription.
Rate Plan Charge

The charge information associated with the subscription. Contains the following fields:

  • Accounting Code
  • Apply Discount To
  • Bill Cycle Day
  • Bill Cycle Type
  • Billing Period
  • Billing Period Alignment
  • Billing Timing
  • Charge Model
  • Charge Number
  • Charge Type
  • Charged Through Date
  • Created By ID
  • Created Date
  • DMRC
  • DTCV
  • Description
  • Discount Level
  • Effective End Date
  • Effective Start Date
  • End Date Condition
  • ID
  • Invoice Owner ID: the invoice owner ID of the subscription that contains the rate plan charge
  • Is Last Segment
  • Is Processed
  • List Price Base
  • MRR
  • Name
  • Number of Periods
  • Original ID
  • Overage Calculation Option
  • Overage Unused Units Credit Option
  • Price Change Option
  • Price Increase Percentage
  • Processed Through Date
  • Quantity
  • Rating Group
  • Revenue Recognition Code
  • Revenue Recognition Rule Name
  • Revenue Recognition Trigger Condition
  • Segment
  • Specific Billing Period
  • Specific End Date
  • Subscription Id: the ID of the subscription that contains the rate plan charge
  • Subscription Owner ID: the subscription owner ID of the subscription that contains the rate plan charge
  • TCV
  • Trigger Date
  • Trigger Event
  • Unit of Measure
  • Up To Periods
  • Up To Periods Type
  • Updated By ID
  • Updated Date
  • Version
  • Weekly Bill Cycle Day
Sold To Contact

The contact associated with the account to whom your product or service is sold.


The subscription to which the rate plan is associated. Contains the following fields:

  • Auto Renew
  • Cancelled Date
  • Contract Acceptance Date
  • Contract Effective Date
  • Cpq Bundle Json ID
  • Created By ID
  • Created Date
  • Creator Account ID
  • Creator Invoice Owner ID
  • Current Term
  • Current Term Period Type
  • ID
  • Initial Term
  • Initial Term Period Type
  • Invoice Owner ID
  • Invoice Separate
  • Name
  • Notes
  • Opportunity Close Date
  • Opportunity Name
  • Original Created Date
  • Original ID
  • Previous Subscription ID
  • Quote Business Type
  • Quote Number
  • Quote Type
  • Renewal Setting
  • Renewal Term
  • Renewal Term Period Type
  • Service Activation Date
  • Status
  • Subscription End Date
  • Subscription Start Date
  • Term End Date
  • Term Start Date
  • Term Type
  • Updated By ID
  • Updated Date
  • Version