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Stored Credential Profile data source


Stored Credential Profile data source

Use this data source to export the data of the stored credential profiles created for payment methods. Each row in the export represents one stored credential profile record. If you want to find out payment methods without stored credential profiles, use Status is null as the filter.

Data Source

​Navigation: Reporting > Data Sources and select Stored Credential Profile as the data source.

Objects available in the data source

Base object

Zuora object Description
Stored Credential Profile An object that stores information about the stored credential profiles of payment methods. The Stored Credential Profile object contains the following fields:
  • Activated On
  • Agreed On
  • Agreement Expiration Date
  • Brand
  • Cancelled On
  • Consent Agreement Ref
  • Consent Agreement Src
  • Created By Id
  • Created Date
  • Expired On
  • ID
  • Last Success Transaction Time
  • Last Transaction Time
  • Number
  • Status
  • Type
  • Updated By Id
  • Updated Date

Related object

Zuora object Description
Payment Method The payment method used to make the payments. See Payment Method Data Source for more information.