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Best practices for Import job in a Zuora Tenant


Best practices for Import job in a Zuora Tenant

  1. The import file should be a CSV, UTF-8 format
  2. Ensure that the file does not contain duplicate or empty headers.
  3. The first row of the file should contain column headers.
  4. Ensure that all the date fields are rightly formatted. The supported date formats are available in the Data Dictionary.
  5. A maximum file size of 1GB is allowed.
  6. Make sure that the ‘IsMarker’ Column is mapped right when importing records in a nested object. For example, Standalone Invoices, Payment Schedules etc.
  7. When loading records in Accounts and Contact, please do the following:
    • Change the associated communication profile for ‘Migration’ to ‘Silent’.
    • Change the Batch to a Batch that is created for migration 
  8. Accounts and Contact will be created in Active state

Zuora recommends that users download the template from the target tenant since the templates are dynamically generated based on custom field customizations at the tenant level. Since configuration changes are occasional, you can download the templates directly from the target tenant. 

For example, your target tenant can be the Central Sandbox, Developer Sandbox or Production Environment.