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Use Data loader


Use Data loader


You need to have relevant user role permissions to perform certain tasks.

Access Data Loader

After logging into the target tenant, you can access the Data Loader from the left-side navigation under Administration.

Create a new import, delete, cancel, and update Job

Data job creation is the process of creating an import, update, delete, or cancel job to load bulk data. It involves the following steps:

  • Selecting the appropriate job function
  • Selecting a source file 
  • Mapping the source file header files for import
  • Preview and submit the job

The stepper on the top of the interface provides information about the progress of the job's workflow.

Select the job function

  1. Click +New on the top right of the Data Loader List view page. 

Job Types.png

Select a source file 

  1. Enter the data for the required and mandatory fields.
  2. Download the sample templates as they are object and action specific. The templates can contain data that provides standardization to the data migration process.
  3. You can check the correctness of the uploaded file in the Source File Header Fields preview section.
  4. Click Next.


Map the source file header fields

Data Loader auto maps the fields from the source file to the target fields. It also allows the association of the custom fields on an object.

  1. Select and map the association between the source file header fields and the target fields from the tenant. You can search supported data types in the search field.
  2. Preview the data type supported by the field in the Data Preview section on the right section of the screen.
  3. Edit the mapping field if required. Click Next.


Preview and submit a job

You can preview the data from the source file and the mapped fields. The exceptions in the data are highlighted in amber-colored cells and highlighted in red. The filter rows with errors allow the users to narrow the records to the subset of rows with errors.

  1. Edit the incorrect data, if any.
  2. Click Submit to initiate the data ingestion job.


View the data loader jobs

You can view the submitted jobs and status information in the list view. See View data loader jobs and status, for more information.