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Zuora Workflow Overview


Zuora Workflow Overview

Zuora Workflow is a Zuora product for designing, configuring, and deploying business workflows in Zuora.

A workflow is a sequence of tasks that are performed based on predefined logic. A workflow improves efficiency and reduces errors by automating a series of complex tasks that otherwise need to be performed manually and repetitively.

For example, you can create a workflow that suspends service for delinquent accounts and resumes service when the payment is received. When the workflow runs, the suspension and resumption of service will be performed automatically. You can also create a workflow to automatically write off invoices and cancel subscriptions when chargebacks occur.


  • Easy for any user to create, edit, and deploy workflows.
  • Support a wide range of tasks that meet diverse business requirements.
  • Integrate quickly to other systems without the need for custom code.
  • Workflows can be started manually, via API, or based on a schedule.
  • Support workflow prioritization so that important workflows are run without delay.
  • The responsive mode allows you to run a workflow and get results immediately.
  • Workflows can be managed with version control.
  • The Platform Administrator can manage users’ access to Workflow by creating and assigning custom roles with different Workflow access permissions.

Using Workflow

Workflow is placed under Platform in the Zuora UI. 

Sandbox tenant users can try Workflow before purchasing it. The trial includes up to 50,000 executed tasks per year. If you need additional tasks, you need to purchase it. 

To use Workflow in the Production environment, you need to purchase it. See Purchase an App for details.

If you are not familiar with Zuora Workflow, view Get Started with Workflow to learn about the basic steps for building, configuring and running a workflow.

See Using Workflow for a list of articles about various aspects of using and configuring Workflow.

Zuora will provide always-available resources to support high-priority processing and lower in-queue wait times. For more information, see Dedicated Workflow Workers for Performance Booster Elite and Dedicated Workflow Workers for Performance Booster.

Workflow Templates and Use Cases

Workflow templates are provided in Zuora Workflow for common use cases. We recommend that you go through the list of workflow templates to see if you can find one that meets your requirements.

Consider creating a blank workflow only when there are no templates that can be used. 

If you are not clear about the functions of the templates, take a look at the Workflow use cases. We are building up this section and you'll see more and more use cases.

Supported Tasks

Tasks are the building blocks of workflows. You connect tasks with loops or conditions to create a workflow. 

Zuora Workflow supports a wide range of tasks. Combining these tasks in workflows, you are able to automate complex business processes in various scenarios.

See Workflow Tasks for details.

Integration with Other Zuora Products

You can integrate Workflow with the Configurable Payment Retry and Collections Window features of Zuora Collections. See Integrate Workflow with Other Zuora Products for details.