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Zuora 360+ Overview


Zuora 360+ Overview

Zuora 360+ automatically synchronizes record changes in Zuora to Salesforce in near real time. Zuora 360+ enables you to:

  • Sync high data volumes in a reliable and timely manner. Zuora 360+ is built on a scalable architecture that supports greater concurrency and reduced latency for high sync volumes.  
  • Configure what is synced at an object and record level.
  • View each data change event and errors during a sync process.
  • Retry sync if an error occurs.
  • Sync data on a variety of objects:
    • Account
    • Contact
    • Feature
    • Invoice
    • Invoice Payment
    • Payment
    • Payment Method
    • Rate Plan
    • Rate Plan Charge
    • Rate Plan Charge Tier
    • Refund
    • Refund Invoice Payment
    • Subscription
    • Invoice Item
    • Taxation Item
    • Credit Memo
    • Credit Memo Item
    • Credit Memo Part
    • Debit Memo
    • Debit Memo Item
    • Payment Part
    • Refund Part
    • Subscriptions History
    • Subscription Rate Plan History
    • Subscription Product & Charge History
    • Subscription Charge Tier History
    • Product Catalog objects, including:

      To sync product catalog data, you must have the Zuora Quotes managed package installed for your Salesforce org. For more information, see Zuora Quotes.

      • Product
      • Product Features
      • Product Rate Plan
      • Product Rate Plan Charge
      • Product Rate Plan Charge Tier

Note: If Zuora 360+ was enabled for your tenant before January 2021, draft invoices are synced. If Zuora 360+ was enabled after January 2021, only posted invoices can be synced, which aligns with the behavior of Zuora 360.

For the detailed object and field mapping information for Zuora 360+, see the following articles:

If you are already on Zuora 360 and want to enable Zuora 360+, see the following articles to understand the object mapping differences between Zuora 360 and Zuora 360+: