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Getting Started with Zuora Connector for Salesforce CRM


Getting Started with Zuora Connector for Salesforce CRM

The Getting Started guide that helps you start working with Zuora Connector for Salesforce CRM from scratch.


Zuora Connector for Salesforce CRM automatically synchronizes record changes in Zuora to Salesforce in near real time. Zuora Salesforce Connector enables you to:

  • Sync high data volumes in a reliable and timely manner. Zuora Connector for Salesforce CRM is built on a scalable architecture that supports greater concurrency and reduced latency for high sync volumes.  
  • Configure what is synced at an object and record level.
  • View each data change event and errors during a sync process.
  • Retry sync if an error occurs.
  • Sync data on a variety of objects:
    • Account
    • Contact
    • Feature
    • Invoice
    • Invoice Payment
    • Payment
    • Payment Method
    • Rate Plan
    • Rate Plan Charge
    • Rate Plan Charge Tier (Currently, this object is not accessible in the user interface. Submit a request at Zuora Global Support to have this enabled/disabled.)
    • Refund
    • Refund Invoice Payment
    • Subscription
    • Invoice Item
    • Taxation Item
    • Credit Memo
    • Credit Memo Item
    • Credit Memo Part
    • Debit Memo
    • Debit Memo Item
    • Payment Part
    • Refund Part
    • Subscriptions History
    • Subscription Rate Plan History
    • Subscription Product & Charge History
    • Subscription Product Feature
    • Subscription Charge Tier History
    • Product Catalog objects, including:

      To sync product catalog data, you must have the Zuora Quotes managed package installed for your Salesforce org. For more information, see Zuora Quotes.

      • Product
      • Product Features
      • Product Rate Plan
      • Product Rate Plan Charge
      • Product Rate Plan Charge Tier