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View Zuora tenants in OneID


View Zuora tenants in OneID

This article describes how to view your Zuora tenant information in OneID. This operation applies only to organization admins.

For more information, see Organization and tenants.

During the activation of your organization, Zuora helps you link all your Zuora tenants to OneID. To view your tenant information, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin Console > Tenants.
    Zuora lists all the tenants in any environment in your organization in the table, including each tenant's name, ID, type, status, and environment information.
  2. Optional: Customize columns in the table:
    1. Click the customize icon detail.png in the upper right of each table. The Customize Columns window pops up.
    2. Determine which columns to display by selecting the checkbox before the column name.
    3. Customize the order of columns by dragging and dropping the column item in the window.