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Total Active Rows (TAR) is the total count of rows stored in the Zuora Warehouse and is one of the measures by which your usage of the Zuora Warehouse is charged. You can use the TAR_USAGE_HISTORY table to monitor the TAR usage of Zuora Warehouse in your tenant.

Zuora updates the TAR_USAGE_HISTORY table on a daily basis. Each row in this table represents the TAR usage record of a specific Zuora business object.

Zuora does not charge for rows used by the TAR_USAGE_HISTORY table in the Zuora Warehouse. As such, the TAR_USAGE_HISTORY table does not include row counts from this table itself, whereas soft deleted records of Zuora business objects are included.


Column name Data type Description
TENANT_ID VARCHAR ID of your Zuora tenant who owns the object that this TAR usage record was created for.
USAGE_DATE DATE Valid date of the TAR usage value of this record.
CREATED_ON TIMESTAMP_TZ Date and time when this TAR usage record was created.
TOTAL_ACTIVE_ROWS NUMBER TAR usage value of the Zuora business object.
TABLE_NAME VARCHAR Name of the Zuora business object.

Table example

The following is an example of the TAR_USAGE_HISTORY table with TAR usage records for the Account, Invoice and Payment objects: