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The WAREHOUSE_METERING_HISTORY table stores the compute credit usage of your Zuora Warehouse . Each row in this table represents an hourly compute credit usage.

The warehouse size determines how many credits it consumes. A warehouse of X-Small size consumes 15 credits per hour (0.0042 credits per second). 


Column name Data type Description
TENANT_ID VARCHAR ID of your Zuora tenant that this compute credit usage relates to.
START_TIME TIMESTAMP_TZ The date and beginning of the hour when this compute credit usage occurred.
END_TIME TIMESTAMP_TZ The date and end of the hour when this compute credit usage occurred.
WAREHOUSE_SIZE VARCHAR Size of the warehouse where this compute credit usage occurred.
CREDITS_USED NUMBER Used credits during this hour.

Table example

The following is an example of the WAREHOUSE_METERING_HISTORY table with two compute credit usages whose used credits are 0.074588611 and 0.032626921: