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Apple Pay on Web


Apple Pay on Web

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make payments in iOS apps, watchOS apps, and websites on Safari. It replaces physical cards and cash with an easier, more secure, and private payment method. 

When a customer adds a bank card to their Wallet with Apple Pay, the actual card number is not stored on the device nor on the Apple server. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on the iPhone or Apple Watch of the customer. Instead of using the security code from the back of the card, Apple Pay creates a dynamic security code to securely validate each transaction.

Zuora supports creating an Apple Pay payment method and making web-based Apple Pay payments by using REST API. When a customer uses Touch ID to make a payment with Apple Pay, you will receive a bunch of encrypted data sent from the Apple server. Then you can send these data together with other optional information to Zuora through REST API. Zuora will leverage these data to process the payment with the payment gateway. After the gateway has processed the payment, the payment completes and an Apple Pay payment method is created in customer's account in Zuora. This API also allows you to validate and store this Apple Pay payment method without processing a payment.

You cannot create an Apple Pay payment method through the Zuora UI. However, after an Apple Pay payment method is created through REST API, you can use it to process payments through the UI.


Set up Apple Pay for Adyen Integration v2.0

Unlike Apple Pay implementations for other gateways, Zuora implements Apple Pay for Adyen Integration v2.0 using a different approach. Therefore, the requirements and steps of setting up Apple Pay for Adyen are also different from other applicable gateway integrations.

See Set up Adyen Apple Pay for detailed instructions about how to set up and use Adyen Apple Pay method methods, and export payment method data.

Set up Apple Pay for other gateway integrations

To set up Apple Pay for gateway integrations other than Adyen Integration v2.0, see the following sections.

Configure Apple Pay 

Take the following steps to configure Apple Pay:

  1. Use your Apple Pay developer account to register merchant ID and the merchant domain for your organization. See Getting Started with Apple Pay for details. 
  2. Sign up for a merchant account for a Chase Orbital, CyberSource, Vantiv (Now Worldpay), or payment gateway. 
    • If you have an existing Chase Orbital gateway account, make sure it is using the Salem Platform. See Chase Paymentech (Orbital) Gateway for more information. 
    • If you have an existing CyberSource payment gateway account, make sure you are also using the CyberSource, Payment API v2.0 gateway integration in Zuora. See CyberSource Payment Gateway for more information.
  3. Contact Zuora Global Support to generate a Certificate Signing Request file (.certSigningRequest extension) for you. Zuora Global Support will then send the CSR file to you.
  4. You need to upload the CSR file on the website of Apple Pay, download Apple certification file (.cer extension), then send it back to Zuora Global Support together with your Apple Pay merchant ID.
  5. You need to complete several integration steps to make Apple Pay functional on your website. For example, register and validate your website domain as described in Configuring your environment. For more information, see Implementing Apple Pay.

Use REST API to Create Apple Pay Payment Method

After you have completed the configuration, you can use Zuora REST API to:

  • Create an Apple Pay payment method.
  • Create an Apple Pay payment method and process a payment.

See Create Apple Pay payment Method for details.

Note: Creation of Apple Pay payment methods is only supported through REST API. You cannot create Apple Pay payment methods through the UI.

Use Apple Pay in Zuora UI

When Zuora has created the Apple Pay payment method for a customer account, you can view this payment method on the All Payment Methods page in Zuora UI.

You can use Apple Pay like other credit cards to process payments. Like other credit cards, you cannot modify the card type and card number when editing a payment method in Apple Pay.