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Overview of Zuora Payment Link


Overview of Zuora Payment Link

The Payment Link feature allows you to generate payment links for invoices and share the links with your customers to collect payments. This article provides an overview of the Payment Link feature. For detailed instructions on how to enable and use this feature, see Enable the Payment Link feature and Generate and share payment links.

The Payment Link feature is in the Early Adopter phase. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters.


A payment link generated by Zuora is a URL that you can share with your customers to complete a one-time payment. When your customer clicks a payment link, an invoice payment page hosted in Zuora opens to accept the payment. 

You can define a default payment link template for your tenant without the need for coding. Zuora uses this template to generate hosted payment pages and payment links for invoices that are posted after the Payment Link feature is enabled on your tenant. You can share the payment link of an invoice across multiple channels, such as invoice documents, emails, and text messages.

The following image shows the payment link template you can use to define your invoice payment page.


Supported payment methods

For now, the following payment method types are supported by the Payment Link feature:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH
  • SEPA

Access limit

An invoice payment page can be accessed from a payment link up to 10 times per day. If this limit is exceeded, the payment link will not work.


  • For transactions initiated from payment links, 3D Secure is currently only supported for Credit Card transactions on Stripe v2 integrations. The issuing bank will determine whether to place a challenge.
  • For now, Zuora only supports generating payment links for invoices posted after enabling the Payment Link feature on your tenant.
  • For now, Zuora only supports generating payment links for a single billing document.